Duane Sir Francis Drake

Date: Friday, 4 June 1999 5:56

Hello Drake listers,

I've been lurking for a little while and wanted to introduce myself. I
have just begun to research our (my husband's) Drake family.

My husband's father's name was Duane Sir Francis DRAKE(2), b. 1 Sept
1927/29 Pulaski CO. AR (he lost track of the year as he lied about his
age so many times, and I have yet to get a birth certificate) d. 4 Apr
1994. He was named after his father, Duane Sir Francis DRAKE(1), who
died 6 months after he was born. His mother's name was Jeraldine Ruth
BEARD, she died when dad was about 6.

Family rumors say Duane(1) was from NY and had a brother named Thomas.
It would very interesting to see if our "Sir Francis" is actually
related in some way to the "famed navigator"!

Pat Drake