Seth Hastings Drake m Sephrona Castle

Date: Tuesday, 8 June 1999 12:25

Hello all you Drakes and Drake relatives!

I'm another Drake wishing to find out more about my lineage.  Ever since I
was little, I was told by my father that we're related to the Sir Francis
of circumnavigation reputation, but no one could ever explain how.  So if I
may, I'll cite as much Drake family info as I have and see if any of you
others can help out.  BTW, in case you weren't aware, the mormon church has
put their geneology records online at

Well, here's my geneology from the info that I have:

1.  Seth Hastings Drake, b. Jan. 3, 1805, in Clinton County, Oneida, NY &
    d. Sept. 8, 1850 in Rochester, NY
    m. abt 1825 to Sephrona Castle, b. Oct. 22, 1811

2.  Seth Hastings Drake and Sephrona Castle had 5 children:
    Clerinda Celestia b. Feb. 21, 1830
    Albert Merril b. Nov. 3, 1831 in Oswego or New Haven, NY/d. Sept. 1,
1891 in
    Greenbush Twnshp, MI
    Caroline Lucretia b. Feb. 28, 1834 & m. Jan. 28, 1850 to Herman Leroy
  	Richmond b. Sept. 21, 1827
    Hastings Edwin b. July 31, 1836/d. 1920
    Rufus Butler b. June 26, 1839/d. Sept. 13, 1850

3.  Albert Merril m. Jan. 1, 1851 to Irene Elizabeth Richmond, b. Aug. 21,
    in Stafford, NY & d. April 18, 1909 in Minneapolis, MN and they had 7
    children, 4 of whom lived to adulthood:
    Ellis A. b. Mar. 8, 1852/d. Dec. 18, 1853 in Greenbush, MI
    Elmer Hastings b. Apr. 3, 1854 in Flint, MI/d. Feb. 1934 in Saginaw, MI
    Adella V. (Rose) b. June 11, 1856 in Greenbush, MI/d. 1923 in Ann
Arbor, MI
    Dwite b. Aug. 26, 1858/d. Oct. 24, 1858 in Greenbush, MI
    Myra B. b. May 3, 1863 in Greenbush, MI/d. 1938 in Atlas, MI
    a son b. Mar. 29, 1865/d. Mar. 30, 1865
    Seth Albert b. Sept. 26, 1875 in Greenbush, MI/d. Mar. 9, 1956 in
    Minneapolis, MN.  A lot of his writings refer to St. John's, MI though

4.  Seth Albert m. July 12, 1896 Carrie D. (Carolyn/Caroline) Losey Gibbs
    b. Feb. 29, 1876 and they had two children:
    Hazel Pauline b. June 8, 1897/d. Apr. 8, 1951
    Ellis Albert b. May 26, 1900/d. Oct. 30, 1988 in Phoenix, AZ

5.  Ellis Albert m. July 17, 1933 in Chicago, IL to Edith Elina Anderson
    b. Oct. 19, 1902/d. July 4, 1972 and they had one son, my father:
    Robert Ellis b. July 17, 1935 in (Hopkins), MN/d. Apr. 8, 1995

6.  Robert Ellis Drake was married 3 times and had 8 children:
    m. Jan. 8, 1955 in PA to 1st wife Dorothy Sinkiewicz (sp?) & had 2
	-Barbara Ann b. Sept. 20, 1955
	-Robert Ellis, Jr.
    m. abt 1961/2 to 2nd wife Dorothy (goes by Jackie) Jensen & had 4 children
	-Scott, b. 1965
    m. Sept. 23, 1972 to Geraldine Ann Falconer & had 2 children
	-Heather Falconer b. July 28, 1970 (YEP, IT'S ME! :) )
	-Chelsea Falconer b. Sept. 23, 1973

I hope this info is not too confusing to understand, nor to overwhelming!
I would just like to find other relatives or at least see if others have
information going back further than Seth Hastings Drake.  If so, I'd really
appreciate the info!

Heather Falconer Drake