Jonathan Drake of Middlesex, NJ

Date: Tuesday, 15 June 1999 2:43

Hi Roy, I would like you to post the following Enquiry for me.

Name: Jonathan Drake
Time Frame: born 1803 to 1806
Location/Area: born in NJ, married in Middlesex, NJ, moved to Seneca County, Ohio, later moved to Marshall County, Illinois
Comments: married Catherine Ann Dunham 28 Feb 1839 in Middlesex, NJ

Jonathan and Catherine Dunham Drake were the parents of my great great grandmother,
Prudence Drake. Prudence was born about 1842 in New Jersey, and married
James Truitt on 8 Feb 1860 in Stark County, Illinois.

I have one photograph which I believe to be of Jonathan Drake, and one photograph which I believe to be of
Catherine Dunham Drake. I do not know when or where they died. Their last known place of residence
was Marshall County, Illinois. (they appear in the 1860 and 1870 census there.) Would like to hear from others who have a connection to this line.

Thank you for providing this service.

Lottie Hendricks