Henry Richard Drake and Sophia

Date: Sunday, 4 July 1999 9:23

Hi Roy...

I am a newcomer to the world of computers, this is my 4th month and I am self taught to bear with me please. My Drake lineage is as follows:

Mary Elizabeth Drake, born 11 Sep 1872, Kellog Iowa. m. William Fuller Deal, 15 Jan 1890, Broken Bow, NE. d. 25 Jam 1954, River Falls, WI. parents:

William Shepperson Drake, b. 17 Jan 1843 Deeping Fen, Lincolnshire, Eng.. m. Maria Belson, 18 Mar 1863, Catfield, Norfolk, Eng. Came to US 1865 and died in Iowa 8 Dec 1901. When they arrived in the US everything was draped in black for the death of president Lincoln. parents:

Henry Denman Westworth Baily Drake b. 24 Dec 1806 in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England. m. Elizabeth Shepperson. He was a police officer and she a tailoress. He was the first Police Inspector of Boston, Lincolnshire, England. parents;

Henry Richard Drake and Sophia

I haven't visited the Drake website yet but plan to soon and would be happy to have you add me to your central database.

Happy hunting,
Betty LeBeau