John and Sarah DRAKE

Researching John and Sarah DRAKE and John's presumed brother Hiram DRAKE,
all of whom moved around 1840 from New York State to Wayne Township,
Crawford County, PA.

J1. John DRAKE (b. 1792/94 NY) & Sarah ___? (b. 1793/1801 NY/VT)
J1.1. ___? DRAKE (b. 1821/25 NY)
J1.2. ___? DRAKE (b. 1821/25 NY)
J1.3. Sarah DRAKE (b. 1827/28 NY)
J1.4. ___? DRAKE (b. 1830/35 NY)
J1.5. Mary E. DRAKE (b. 1834/35 NY/PA) & Wm. Shoffstall (1831-1863 PA)
J1.6. John DRAKE (1837/38 NY)

H1a. Hiram DRAKE* (1797/98-1867) & Electa PEASE (1795/96-abt 1850)
H1a.1. Charles DRAKE (b. 1826/27 NY)
H1a.2. Rosetta? DRAKE (b. 1830/31 NY)
H1a.3. Hiram J. DRAKE (b. 9 Nov 1836 Smyrna, Chenango Co. NY) &
       Betsy or Betsey B. Morton (m. 10 Sep or 9 Oct 1858 PA)
H1a.3.1. Cora A. DRAKE
H1a.3.2. Cara L. DRAKE
H1a.3.3. Jedediah C. DRAKE
H1a.3.4. Fred D. DRAKE
H1b. Hiram DRAKE* (1797/98-abt 1867) & Adeline HEWITT (d. 1882)

We have identified H1. Hiram DRAKE above with Hiram DRAKE below.
We would like to find more evidence to verify that J1. John DRAKE above is
the same person as John S. DRAKE below, and to find out more
about his wife Sarah. We would also like to know why both Hiram and John S.
died the same day, if they really did.

The following family is well-researched, although some details vary from
source to source.

1. Josias/Jessayes Jansze DRATZ/DRAECH (abt 1656 Amsterdam, Holland-1701 NY) &
   Aeltje Adams BROUWER (b. abt. 1648 Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY)
1.1. Jans/John DRATZ/DRAKE (Dec 1687 Brooklyn-1779/80 nr Goshen, NY) &
     Martha OLDFIELD (b. 1698/9 Jamaica, Queens Co. NY)
1.1.1. Benjamin DRAKE (b. 3 Nov 1734) & Abigail KNAPP Jonathan DRAKE (14 Sep 1771 Pine Swamp, Orange Co. NY-
                         14 Apr 1842 Chemung, Chemung Co. NY) & Mary SHONTZ Amasa DRAKE (30 Mar 1795 Pine Swamp-24 Nov 1873 Chemung) Hiram DRAKE (6 Mar 1798 Chemung-21 Apr 1869 Rome, PA) John S. DRAKE (6 Mar 1798 Chemung-21 Apr 1869 Rome, PA) William K. DRAKE (18 Oct 1800 Chemung-17 Dec 1870 Allegheny Co. PA) Samuel DRAKE (16 Oct 1801 Chemung-2 Aug 1881 Chemung) Ellsworth DRAKE (7 Aug 1803 Chemung-20 May 1885 Barton NY) Abigail DRAKE (b. 12 Oct 1805 Chemung) Julia DRAKE (12 Jun 1807 Chemung-aft. 1900) Sally DRAKE (7 Jul 1809 Chemung-6 Jun 1810 Chemung) Theresa DRAKE (29 Nov 1810 Chemung-25 Feb 1892 Lowman, NY) Mark DRAKE (25 Feb 1815 Chemung-10 Oct 1858 Nicholes, NY)

If you have any information that might relate, please let us know
Larry Tesler