Sarah Ellen Drake married to Chauncey Mead/e

Date: Wednesday, 14 July 1999 5:20

I am new at genelogy but am searchig for Sarah Ellen Drake born 1865 in NY.
m Chancy/Chauncey Mead   b  April 1830 NJ.  Died in 1900 or 1901 one week
apart, both with pneumonia.   Chancy/Chauncey was married before Sarah
and he  had other children.  Sarah's mother was from PA, father from NJ.
Chancy's parents from NJ and CT. 

They had five children. Emma b1880 m a MvEwen, Jesse Garfield b 1882 m Almina Meade (my grandparents), twins Bertha and Birdie b1888, Elmer b 1885. Bertha never married, Berdie m a Camp. Don't know about Elmer. If you have any info would appreciate. Thanks,

Donna Bennett
Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 1:59 PM

Was there any Native American blood in ths line?  My ggrandmother Sarah
Ellen Drake had a brother named James.  Family stories tell that he used
to visit from a reservation.  In the 1892 census Sarah is listed as 86
but the twins Bertha and Birdie were only four.  The searcher said she
may have been 46 so her b date would be 1846 but it is possible that she
was 36 as that would be easier to mistake for 8.  Her husband Chauncey
Mead was 61.  children ranged from 4 to 12.  My gfather Jesse was
second at 10.  I can't seem to get past this time frame as the searcher
couldn't find that they died in Chemung county.  I have no idea where
they originated from or where they went from 1892.    ?????????? I hope
you can help.  My gggrandmother on either the Drake, Mead, or Johnson
side was (as family stories go  ), a fullblooded Indian. Thanks for any
help Donna