Mary Drake - Drakes in Clay County, West Virginia

Date: Saturday, 24 July 1999 6:32

I am trying to find as much information about my Drake family as i can. The
only information I have is as follows. The Mary Drake i am searching for
was born about 1847, not sure where. I assume around Clay County, West
Virginia. She was also a widow at the age of 53.  This is how i found them
listed in the 1900 Clay County, WV census.
Drake, Mary-Head-March1847-53-widow
Holly Ramsy-granddaughter-December1895-4yrs
I would like to see if they are in the 1880 census for Clay County. It also
shows that Mary had 12 children. 8 were living at the time of the census. I
believe that after the Clay County census in 1900, they moved to the area
of Avella, Pennsylvania. Charles and Bertha were twins. I know that Bertha
Drake married Austin O'Brien and lived in Avella, Pennsylvania. I believe
it was Washington County. That is also where Bertha and Austin died. Any
information anyone might have or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Notes; Date: Saturday, 7 August 1999 9:56 Roy, I recently received back the death certificate of Bertha "Drake" O'Brien. Bertha was the daughter of Mary Drake. Bertha had married Austin O'Brien. The death certificate and the census record have different dates of birth for Bertha. The death certificate has her birthdate as 9/17/1877. So i am not sure which date of birth is correct. Census record says 1881. Bertha also died in the Terrance or Torrance State hospital. Not sure of the correct spelling. In Washington.Pennsylvania. Bertha's date of death was 11/28/1959. could you please put this with the information I sent you.