David Drake (married Mary Brewer).

Subject: [DRAKE-L] A bunch of strange names from Iowa
Date: Tuesday, 27 July 1999 5:46

Just started looking around on the Web for info, and so far I've drawn
a blank.  Lots of Drakes around, but none of them seem to match...

My data is word-of-mouth, no documents or hard written info yet.  However,
if anybody recognizes anything, a pointer would be appreciated.

David Drake (married Mary Brewer).  Came over from England (?) probably
early 1840's, moved to SE Iowa.  They supposedly arrived on the Mayflower,
just not the original.  David apparently left for the gold fields
in California and never came back.

Henry and Harvey served in the 4th Iowa Cavalry during the
Civil War.  Got a couple of tintypes of them in uniform...

Henry married Mary Elizabeth Chalfont.  Their children:
	Marion Denver (1870-)
	Harvey (1873-)
	Lena (1882-)
	Elda (1883-)
	Charles R (1887-)
	Elmer (1889-)

Marion's only child was Henry Newton, my GF.

A bunch of unique names...  They don't appear anyplace I've found yet.
The family was a bunch of farmers; from Iowa they moved west, living
in Montana for a while, I believe.  That's about all I know so far.
I'm in California, so getting real data is going to be - interesting.

Chris Drake