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- My father's name: Gordon LaVerne Drake

Date: Wednesday, 18 August 1999 12:23


My name is Daniel LaVerne Drake, b. 11-04-47, Pasco, Washington, US
My father's name: Gordon LaVerne Drake
My mother's name: Patricia Ann(e?) Germain

I was separated from my parents at age 6. At age 12, I spent one year with my 
mother. During that time she stated that my father's middle name was his 
mother's maiden name. He was born in the US. My mother was born in Canada, 
but had grandparents who were citizens of the US. My father was supposedly of 
French and English extraction, my mother Irish and German. One last point, my 
grandmother had a genealogical search done, and was supposed to be a direct 
descendent of Sir Francis Drake (I've been told it's highly unlikely).

I had 5 younger sisters (I do not know their whereabouts):

Kathleen Ann Drake, b. 11-04-48, Downey, California, US
Ronny  D., b.  1949, ?
Ricki  D. b. ?, ?
Vicki  D. b. ?, ?
Patti  D., b. 1955-56?, Downey, California, US (adopted,  just after birth - 
6 months)

This my first time at sharing this information, and my first step at tracking 
down members of my family.

Daniel Drake