Reuben Drake
(b. March 6, 1786 in Newburgh, NY;

This e-mail is in response to Mary Roy Wilson's query of 7 Jan 96 about the parentage of Reuben Drake (b. March 6, 1786 in Newburgh, NY; m. Rebecca Lockwood August 11, 1804; died June 18, 1854 in Cameron Twp.,Steuben County, NY).

While doing some research on my John Drake who was supposedly from near Geneva, NY, I came across some material that clicked with Mary Roy Wilson's Reuben Drake query.
Knowing that my John Drake's son George W. Drake of Little Valley (Salamanca), Cattaraugus County, NY was born in about 1814 (based on 1855 NY census record) in either Seneca (from the 1855 NY Census) or Steuben (from the 1875 NY Census) and that his father was a John Drake (from family tradition circa 1910), I checked the 1820 Federal census of NY and determined there are 18 John Drakes and about half of these John Drakes have a male under the age of ten living with them. My reasoning is that one of these John Drakes with a son under 10 was my John Drake. The most interesting set of records I came across was of a John Drake Jr. living in Lyon, NY (now Wayne County but then Ontario County) because on next line of the same census page (microfilm roll #62, page # 113) was a Reuben Drake. Also, in the town of Lyon were heads of families named Nathan Drake, Joab (?) Drake, James Drake, William Drake, and Gidean Drake. Also, in Lyon were a Josiah Wright, Thomas Wright, and Benjamin Wright families. My family tradition has been there is some connection between the Drake and Wright families in Little Valley, Cattaraugus County, NY. In fact there is a Josiah Wright family in the 1820 Lyon, NY census and a Josiah Wright in Little Valley, NY in the 1850s. When I see a John Drake in 1820 living near Wright families in Lyon NY I suspect this is my John Drake but I can not prove it - yet.

When I reviewed my old genealogy notes looking a John Drake who lived in Lyon, NY who had a son George, I came across Mary Roy Wilson's Reuben Drake. My notes were passed to me by other researchers and are allegedly based on Floyd Nelson Drake's book
"The Family of Nelson Drake Pioneers" (circa 1960/70s).

According to these notes the John Drake Jr. I found in the 1820 census for Lyon, NY had a brother named Reuben who married a Phoebe Lockwood and had 14 children. John Jr. (so named to distinguish him from his uncle John who was his namesake) and Reuben were sons of William Drake of Newburg, NY who arrived in Lyon, NY in 1812. William served in the latter part of the Revolutionary War in the artillery. My notes state that his sons "Reuben, born about 1786, died at Cameron, NY in 1854; John, born about 1787, died 1827 at Volney, NY," There is also another son of William named William Jr. born about 1790, died 1826 in Lyon, NY and James Drake born 1794, died 1834 at Lyon, NY. These four must be the John, Reuben, William (Jr). and James Drake I found in the 1820 census of Lyon, NY. Supposedly, John Drake, Jr. was an Erie Canal contractor and died on October 29, 1827 in Volney, NY about 60 miles from Lyon, NY. Since his wife, Sarah (caleed Sally), had died in June 1822 his minor children were placed under guardianship of brothers -
James and eventually Reuben (Mary Roy Wilson's Reuben).

The genealogy listing in my notes show William Drake's father as Reuben Drake (b. 1745, d. 1795) who married a Phoebe(?) and had 14 children named (Cornelius, William, Reuben, Jr., Rachel, Joseph, Moses, Charity, Joshua, Phoebe, and John).

Also, Reuben is said to have been the pastor of a Baptist church at Pleasant Valley, near Marlboro, N.Y. (Ulster County) and he died in Pleasant Valley in 1795." His parents are Samuel Drake (b. 1687, d. 1774) and Mary Fowler. Samuel's parents are Joseph Drake (b. 1663/64, d. 1732) and Mary Shute. Joseph's parents are Samuel Drake (b. 1612 in England, d. 1686 Eastchester NY (Bronx) and Ann Barlow. And finally, Samuel's father was John Drake (b. 1590, d. Aug. 17 1659). John's father was also John Drake "was a member of the Council of Plymouth and of the original Company for the settlement of New England - appointed by King James in 1606."

Mary - if you need more info, let me know. Better yet we both need to locate the Floyd Nelson Drake book!!

To all Drake researchers - if you know more, please share your knowledge especially if you know how George W. Drake of Cattaraugus County, NY (b. about 1814) is related to the Drake family of Lyon, NY or the Drake family of Steuben County, NY.

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