The David Drake Family

Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 2:07 PM
Date: Sunday, August 20, 2000 3:22 AM update

David Drake was born in Sussex County, VA in 1752, the son of Lazarus Drake and Sarah Hines.
He moved to Edgecomb County, NC, with his family after the death of William Hines, Sarah's father.
About 1790, David married Joanna Greene, of Nash County, NC, and they started their family.
They moved to Orange County, NC, about 1800. He died in about 1828, probably in Nash County, NC. I have chosen to use the numbering system in Paul Drake's book, "Now In Our Fourth Century" now available on CD.

1.4.4 David Drake b.1752, m. Joanna Greene Elizabeth Drake, b. 1792, m. John Simpson Hines D. Drake, b. 1794, m. (1) Nancy Crawford (2) Lucy Bosman. Rebecca Drake, b. 1796, m. Samuel T. Pittard, III. William Drake, b 1798, m. Elizabeth ( ) Thomas Drake, b. 1800, m. Rachel Page Joanna Drake, b. 1802, m. Samuel Satterfield Jesse B. Drake, b.1804, m. Elizabeth Taylor Ridley Lucy Drake, b. 1807, m. William W. Blake James Madison Drake, B. 1809, m. Jane Susannah Childress Mary Ann Drake 1829 m. David Tackett Sussanah J. Drake 1831 m.James M. Jackson Rebecca Drake 1832 m.Michael D. Green William Hines Drake 1835 m.(2)izabeth Davis (1) Millie and (3) Margaret Cusick Nancy Jane Drake 1861 m.John Duggan Samuel Cusick Drake 1862 mMary Laurence Dawkins (Migrated to Groom, TX) William A. Drake 1864 m. Martha Curry Theodore C Drake 1898 m.Hettie Montgomery Clyde Davis Drake 1900 Died as child Margaret Elizabeth Drake 1901 William Kenneth Drake 1902 Died as Child James H. Drake 1903 m.Flo Bonifacius Laurence L. Drake 1905 m. Evelyn Clark (My parents) Martha Hollis Drake 1909 Died as a child Dorothy Effie Drake 1911 m. Thomas West Andrew Black Drake 1867 m.Jennie Morrell Millie Anna Drake 1871 James Wiley Drake 1873 m. Mamie Hall Margaret E. Drake 1877 m.Andrew C. Delozier. James M. Drake Jr. 1837 Thomas J. Drake 1840 m.Nancy Caroline Elizabeth Drake 1841 m. Evermont Adkins Andrew Jackson Drake 1842 Alexander Drake 1844 Charles C. Drake 1846 m. Rachel Baker Hope this provide you fertile new fields to research.

Bill Drake