Benjamin Drake was married to Jane Miller.

From: Enid & Graham Alexander
Date: Monday, 22 April 2002 8:59 AM

 Good morning (NZ time)

 I am new to your list and hope someone can help with my research.   My
ancestors came from Frampton, Dorset, England.   My great-great-grandfather
was Benjamin DRAKE and his wife was Jane MILLER or MILLAR.

 According to the 1851 Census, they had 5 children .... William,  Martha,
Ann, Abraham (my great-grandfather) and Elizabeth.   Abraham was born at
Littlewood Farm in 1847.   His parents worked at the Farm, as far as I can
find out.   Benjamin was an Ag. Labourer, and Jane was a Domestic.

 I would be pleased to hear from any other descendants.

 Abraham married Louisa Neville in February 1876, in Paddington, and they
came to NZ, where their son George was born in December 1876.

Hope someone can help.

 Thank you,

 Enid Alexander (ne DRAKE)