Jeremiah Marston Drake had a first wife by the name of
Abigail Pierce

From: Patti Mijares
Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 9:43 AM

My first time responding to a list...
I would like to confirm that JEREMIAH MARSTON DRAKE, born February 27, 1796, 
Newhampton, NH had a first wife by the name of ABIGAIL PIERCE, born February 
24, 1797, Hopkinton,MA.  Newton, MA records marriage of a JEREMIAH M. DRAKE
(intentions add Newhampton, NH) to ABIGAIL PIERCE February 11, 1819.  Does 
anyone know what became of Abigail?  How many children did she have?  A 
Jeremiah M. Drake marries in 1839 in Center Harbor, NH toHannah Smith Edgerly. 
 Is this the same Mr. Drake?