Timothy Calvin Drake married to Frances Rackley
- Cumberland, N.C

From: KATBAYNE@aol.com
Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 11:08 AM

I began searching my family tree and found it to be very time consuming and 
have no where to start. I can give you the info I know and go from there. I 
love this site. It has helped alot. I have been told by my grandfather before 
he died that we are direct decendants of Sir Francis, and that he was a 
pirate who had an  affair with Queen Elizabeth and they had a bastard child. 
Now is this folklore or truth I do not know. my Father Timothy Calvin Drake 
died in May 1970 in Vietnam of the 82nd airborne. Born in Rocky Mt. N.C. is 
father, my grandfather died in Beltsville, Md in 1991. married to  Frances 
Rackley on 11-10-62 Cumberland, N.C.  I have an uncle I do not know, Dexter 
and had 2 sons, one went to Saudi Arabia in the service, last known address 
was Delaware. Frances Rackley still alive but denies me and refuses 
information.    Can you help direct me? Thanks.