Mary Jane Drake b. 1830 in TN.
- husband was Elijah Drake ??

From: Frieda Hardee 

Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 8:24 AM

I have a Mary Jane Drake b. 1830 in TN.  I believe her maiden name was Mary
Jane Terry.  She had the following children per the 1860 census:  Stephen,
18;  Sarah, 16;  Eliza, 14;  N., 11;  William, 9;  Mary, 6;  Cynthia, 6;
Kellis, 3 (male).  All were b. in TN.  Cynthia and Mary were twins.  I
believe Mary Janes' husband was Elijah Drake and the older children belonged
to a previous wife.  Other wise, Mary Jane's age would not be accurate.  She
was listed as a widow on the 1860 census and lived in White Co., AR.
Hope you can add this info to your Drake database.  I am looking for anyone
working on this line. Frieda Hardee