Drakes of Devon - lineage of Edmund Drake

From: Derek James Gander. Subject: Drakes of Devon
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2000 2:25 PM

Dear Roy

I have been reading with a lot of interest a lot of the articles on the database xroyvision, I would think it must be a lifetimes researching!

I am writing to ask you if you can shed any light on my wifes family, she is descended from the Drakes in the Bere Alston / Bere Ferrers area of Devon. I have spent a lot of time going through the databases on the Net and my wife`s Sister and Husband have been back to the Tavistock area a lot of times to attempt to get more information from the offices and the census there.

The best that we can do between us is as follows

Edmund Drake No dates or spouse name.

His Son

William Drake married Philipa Stockman No dates.

Their Son

John Drake married Mary Furseman 1715.

Their Son

John Drake married Celia Foote 29/4/1782. at Bere Ferrers

Their Son John Drake married Mary Harris.

Their Son Christopher Foote Drake born January 1828. married 8/12/1860
Ellen Oliver born 1840 at Lifton. They had two children Christopher
born 1863 at Bere Ferrers and Emma Louise born 16/9/1878 at Bere Ferrers.

Descendants from then on I have.

My Sister in Law remembers china tea service being in her Grandmothers house with the Drake crest on it and has always been sure that their family descended from the family of Sir Francis Drake.

I am doing my best to research the family but I am sure I don`t have to tell you that it is a bit of a daunting job. Any help or advice that you can give me will be very much appreciated. Incidently my wifes maiden name was Carter and her mothers maiden name was Hannaford.The family lived in the Bere Alston area and Ottery St Mary. It is this family that has the Drake connection.

We live in Cheltenham, England.

Yours in anticipation
Derek James Gander.