Robert Drake of Devonshire, England
came to American shores with his children

From: The Drakes m.a.d.
Date: Friday, January 19, 2001 4:29 PM

Dear Roy,
I am sending you this copy of a Drake lineage that was sent to us about
15 years ago. As it turned out it was not one of our branches but maybe
it would be helpful to someone else.
This information is a copy of a letter to Phyllis Gauss from Frank E.
Shrimplin, Valley Falls, Kansas.

David Drake
Vernon, B.C.

Robert Drake of Devonshire, England came to American shores with his
        Nathaniel,         b. 1612-13
        Francis             b. 1615
        Susannah         b. 1617
        Abraham          b. 1620-21

Francis Drake married about 1650 to Mary (probably Walker).  He died in
1687 and she in 1688. Their children:
         1.  George,        b. c. 1651 d. 1709, married Mary Oliver, Dau
of William and Mary Oliver.
         2.  Elizabeth,     b. c. 1653, married Hugh Dunn in 1670. He d.
         3.  John,             b. c. 1655, d. 1741, married Rebecca
Troter 1677

1.    George Drake b. 1651 m. Mary Oliver had ch:
        George b. 1678  died young
        Mary b. 1680 m. Thomas Dungan
        Hanna b. 1681
        Elizabeth b. 1683  died young
        (Robert and Wm. may have been twins and may not be Geo.
        Andrew, b. 1685  m. Hanna FitzRandolph   1705
        Deborah  b. 1687  m. Jeremiah Dungan
        Jonathan, b. c. 1689  m. Mary Clawson
        Danial  b. 1692 (Maybe his name was David)
        George b. 1695  m. Elizabeth ?
        Susannah b. 1698  m. John Simpson

2.    Elizabeth and Hugh Dunn's children:
        Mary, b. 1672  m. Hezekiah Bonham
        Francis b. 1674 died young
        Elizabeth b. 1676 m. John Runyan 1692

3.    John had these children:  John, Francis, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin,
Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob,
        Ebenezer, Ephriam, Rebecca, Abigail and Mary.

There is supposed to be an Oliver Drake, son of George Drake who married
Rachel Skinner (sister of Nathaniel Skinner, b. 1707 d. 1801;) Oliver
dau. Mary Drake married Samuel Skinner (b. 1729, d. 1800) whose son
married Agnes Critchfield, a sister to John Critchfield (Rev. Was) who
married Rachel Shrimplin. Oliver Drake also had a son, George that
married Susannah Collier (she d. 1825 Va.)