John Drake who married a Susanna Avery
lived in Devonshire circa 1828.
From: Chris Coleborn

Date: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 3:57 PM

Can you help me? Some Drake ancestors came from, Devon in the mid 1800's.
They were a John Drake who married a Susanna Avery. John's father and mother
were a William Drake and a Mary (nee Pillar) . They would have been born in the
late 1700's or early 1800's.

I do not have a lot of information about my Drake relatives (wife's
ancestors). I can share the following information.

-William Drake & wife Mary (nee Pillar) lived in Devonshire circa 1828.
-They had a son, John Drake, born in Devonshire circa 1828 and married to
Susanna Every (Avery) in Devonshire circa 1853.
-Susanna was born circa 1827.
-John died on the 22nd April, 1892 at Drysdale, Vic. Australia.
-Susanna died on the 11th July 1887 at Drysdale, Vic. Australia.
-Susanna's parents were John Every (or Avery) and Ann?
- Children:
Ann b 1854
George b circa 1855
May Ellen b circa 1857
Mary Ellen b circa 1860 + Richard William Renfrey
John Humphrey b circa 1862 + Sarah Emma Trethowan
William Francis b circa 1864 or 1861+ Christina Hannah White
Susanna Jane b circa 1866
Elizabeth b circa 1868

I can give some of the descendants of John Humphrey and William Francis and
all the known descendants of Mary Ellen.

I look forward to hearing from you when you are able to post my enquiry.


Chris Coleborn