Drake family in Spain
From: Enrique Drake

Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 5:24 AM

Dear friend:
Firstly, I want to apologyze for my bad english. My name is Enrique Drake. I lives at Seville (Spain). I have visited your Drake's website and I am surprised for so much information about Drake's family. However, I have not found any information about my brunch. I will explain what I know: By 1800, the family "Drake del Castillo" arrives to Spain from Cuba. Until I Know all Drake's actually in Spain and some Drake's in France are descendent from this family of Cuba. I Know that the parents of the family "Drake del Castillo" are William James Drake (1763-1838) and Carlota Fernández del Castillo (1784-1830), and the parents of this William James Drake are William Drake (1730-1773) and Mary Spense (married in 1759). Can anybody help me with more data?. Thank you very much.

Enrique Drake