Francis Drake married Jane Lockwood
born in 1844 in Meltham, York, England.
From: Joan Hill
Date: Friday, August 24, 2001 11:27 PM

To Roy Andrews
I would like you to add my enquiry to your DRAKE database My great grand father was Francis DRAKE born in 1842 in Lockwood, York, England.
He married Jane LOCKWOOD born in 1844 in Meltham, York, England.
They had 4 children.
Rose H. DRAKE born in 1866 in Meltham, York, England
Harold V. DRAKE born in 1877 in Meltham, York, England
Laura H. DRAKE born in 1880 in Meltham, York, England
Frances A. M. DRAKE born ?? in ??, ??, ??

Laura H, DRAKE married Thomas LEE.
They had 2 children.
Francis V. LEE
Dorothy I. LEE

Thanking you in advance for putting them on your database.
Joan HILL nee MACE