Nancy D. Drake married Jacob Scudder.
From: Jim Panttaja
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 3:22 AM

Roy - I am descended from Nancy D. Drake who was born 18 October 1819 in 
New Jersey, and married Jacob Scudder.

I believe that her mother's first name was Mary (a Mary Drake was living 
with Nancy and Jacob in the 1850 census). I am looking for Nancy's ancestry.

I have the birthdate to go on (in a family bible - likely belonging to 
her... But only a mother's conjectured first name (an older woman named 
Mary Drake living with Jacob Scudder and Nancy in the 1850 census.)

None of the Drake sites I have looked at have included Jacob Scudder... 
And the only family tradition that survived was the common story of a 
Anneke Jans relationship - that appears to be have been related only to 
the Drake last name - and was in error anyway (when my grandmother was 
in her 80s she told me to make sure that I looked in to the Aniki Janse 
(she spelled it differently each time) estate. I suspect that she was 
remembering this from the 1920s when she would have been in her 20s....)

But I have headed down Scudder and Topping and other lines - now time to 
pursue the Drake connection (and it might help me with my Scudder line 
eventually - my Scudder hasn't been sorted out by the Scudder 
Association yet - and they actually have lot's of Scudder's sorted out. 
Jacob Scudder is the son of Noah Scudder - but I can't pin down Noah's