Fredrick Drake married Emily Williams
From: William Drake
Date: Friday, December 07, 2001 11:59 PM

My name is Will Drake from Brisbane, Australia. I was typing random stuff into search engines to pass the time before and I came across all this Drake history stuff and it got me interested. I had no luck searching at xroyvision so I figured the source of the Australian Drake History might be able to shed some light on where I came from. My father was Colin Drake (born 1925) ( ). Now his son John Drake (my brother) runs it. My fathers fathers name was Fredrick Drake (not from N.S.W. but from Victoria). And his wife (my grandmother) was Emily Williams. This is where it gets hazy, I think but im not sure that my great grandmother was a Falvie and she married a Drake (whose first name I don't know). Anyway, i'm not expecting anything I just thought it was worth a shot to see if anybody knew anything.


Will Drake