Samuel Drake married Elizabeth Braddick
From: Judith Winckles
Date: Monday, February 04, 2002 4:52 AM

Dear Roy Andrews - I found your website and have some information which may be of interest to you or other 'Drake' researchers.

'My' Drakes begin with Samuel Drake who married Elizabeth Braddick 16 May 1746, at Aylesbeare, Devon, England. I have the baptisms, at Aylesbeare, of five children for Samuel and Elizabeth - Elizabeth Drake bp 22 Jun 1749, Mary Drake bp 29 Oct 1751, Francis Drake bp 14 Feb 1754, Sarah Drake bp 6 Dec 1762, and Anne Drake bp 14 May 1764.

My ancestor is Sarah Drake, who was my great grandmother's grandmother. Sarah married John Bricknell at Aylesbeare 2 Nov 1799. I have the baptisms of twelve children for John and Sarah, my ancestor being their seventh recorded child, William Bricknell, bp 4 Feb 1793, at Aylesbeare. The name Drake continued to be used as a second given name for a couple of generations of John and Sarah Bricknell's descendents. Francis also appears occaisionally. Sarah (Drake) Bricknell died 28 Nov 1827 at Farringdon, Devon and was buried at Aylesbeare 6 Dec 1827. I have a note which records that Sarah's tombstone stands near the N. E. corner of the churchyard.

The facts herein have not been confirmed by myself in the original records but have been passed to me by a fellow researcher. Therefore, I do not feel able to elaborate further. However I have passed your website and e-mail details on. Perhaps you might be able to confirm or correct what I written here. Kind regards, Judith Winckles