George Washington Drake married
Mary Altathera "Allie" Buckman
From: Peter Curran
Date: Saturday, 2 November 2002 2:08 PM

Hello Roy Andrews,
My great great grandfather was named George Washington Drake - and I'm hoping to find some more information about him - but I don't know hardly anything about his family - parents, brothers and sisters and so forth. I recently found his obituary in the Quincy Herald newspaper of Quincy, Illinois in Adams County. BY the way, I was born and raised in Quincy, but now live in the Boston, MA area. The obit says "my" George Washington Drake was from Kentucky and died in Quincy on November 14, 1888 - it says he was 42 years old. It also says he was a captain in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and served under the command of General John Morgan and that he was held as a prisoner in Alton, IL. It says after the war he went to Missouri and then to Quincy.

The obit also says that he had a sister Dora Drake in Marion County, Missouri - and then it says he has a brother in Kentucky but does not mention the brothers name.

He was married to Mary Altathera "Allie" Buckman (1851-1926) Allie was born in Monroe County, Missouri,...died in Quincy, IL on April 12, 1926. Allie and George were married in Shelbina, Missouri on October 28, 1869. I know had five children, four girls and one boy. Their daughter Susan Thornton Drake (1875-1948) is my fathers grandmother.

I am hoping you might be able to help find out something about this George Washington Drake - do you have any information about him -or- can you tie him into any family tree?

From the 1880 Census about George W. and his family and then from the 1850 Census I found George's parents ( William M. Drake & Mary A. Drake ) and brother and sisters. Hopefully with all this data I can find out even more about my ancestors on this Drake family tree - it would be great if you could help me trace the line back even further.

1880 Census:
Washington, Buchanan County, MO
George Drake age 38 in KY
Mary age 29 in MO
Martha 9 in MO
William 7 in MO
Susan 5 in MO
Mary 3 in MO

1850 Census:
Fayette County, Kentucky
William M. Drake 35 Carpenter
Mary A. Drake 34
___?____ Drake 10 F
George W. Drake 8 M
Edward J. Drake 6 M
Madison J. Drake ? M

Also found that William M. Drake and Mary A. Hampton were married in Faette County, KY on 6/10/1839

It would be great to see if I can trace William M. Drake and Mary A. Hampton families back further.

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Peter Curran