Robert Drake lived in Cambridgeshire, UK 1800s
From: Paul Drake
Date: Monday, 21 April 2003 8:53 AM

Hi Roy
hope this info will help, my g-g-g-grandfather was called Robert Drake, he lived in cambridgeshire 1800s,thats all I have on him. My g-g-grandfather was called Alfred Drake born in Soham Cambs, 1843. My g-grandfather was George Drake, born in co.Durham 1872. My grandfather was Robert Drake, born in co.Durham 1896. My father Robert Arthur Drake born in co.Durham 1939. Myself Paul Drake born in co.Durham 1963. I have all copys of birth certs, apart from the first.

Article on Robert Arthur Drake (Bob) of Stanley, County Durham, who tracked down the final resting places of each of the 168 men and boys who died in the 1909 explosion.

thanks Paul.