John Drake 16??-1729
John Drake 16??-1729- Sarah Bryant
James Drake 1725-1791 (Will proves he is John's son) wife #2 Hartwell Hodges Davis
Benjamin (brother of John Hodges) abt 1769 wife Celia Taylor (Selah, Cecilia) abt 1774 according to letter from daughter. Also have her fathers will. The Albrittain who moved to Ky was his half brother.
James H. abt 1802 wife Temperance Harrison (daughter or sister of the John Harrison who was involved in the infamous Drake scam)
Nicholas Thomas Drake (Physician) 1832 - 1902 married Charity Avent 1843-1898
Thomas Dawson Drake 1858-1935 married Mary Eaton Duke 1868-1914. Both buried in Cuero Tx.
Samuel Ottis Drake 1891-1965 (Named for two brothers of his father whom I have not been able to locate) married Annie Jane Bell 1888-1981
Hazel Drake Williams 1925- (me)
Sure hope this finds some long lost relatives.

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Hazel Drake Williams