My Great Grandmother is Gladys Drake
From: Nykki
Date: Thursday, 23 October 2003 3:47 PM

Hi there,

My name is Nicole Lynn Dickenson, and I am a member of the Drake family. I would love it if my children and I could be added to the database,... we are direct descendants of Sir Francis Drake.

My Great Grandmother is Gladys Drake, My Grandmother is Dorotha Louise Dickenson, My Father is Daniel Lane Dickenson- my mother (1st wife) Veronica May - (2nd wife) Joanne Linscott, and I am Nicole Lynn Dickenson 08-30-70 (I am divorced, and my current name is Nykki Houtkooper, married for 5 years to Robert Peter Houtkooper). I have two sons- Robert Eldon Houtkooper 05-21-91 and Aron Zachary Houtkooper 01-29-99. If I can help with info from this family branch- please ask and I will fill in what I can.

I appreciate your info being available for my children to see and learn about our heritage.


Nykki Houtkooper