Charles DRAKE
born in 1776 or 1777 in MA
Charles DRAKE was born in 1776 or 1777 in MA and wife Mary in 1779 in
Charles and Mary DRAKE moved to West Sparta, Livingston County, NY in
1816 (per 1855 state census), probably from Montgomery County, NY where
there is a Charles Drake listed in 1810.   In 1810 they appear to have a
teenage son and no daughters, and in 1820 an older son and one young
They are the parents of Polly Hannah Drake who married Daniel GOULD.  The
children of Daniel and Polly Hannah Drake GOULD were named Charlotte
Eliza (my ggm - b. 1 June 1831- d. 24 Oct 1901), Schuyler D., Charles,
Mary C., William P. and Nancy R.  It appears that Polly Hannah died
between 1845-49 and Daniel died between 1851-55.  My great grandmother
Charlotte was a Free Will Baptist and moved with most of these siblings
to Green County, Wisconsin between 1856-1859.  She married Daniel Clinton
NOBLE in 1859.  Charlotte's marriage certificate gives Polly Hannah's
maiden name as Drake and the 1855 census confirms Charles and Mary Drake
as Charlotte's grandparents.  I cannot find Charles or Mary in 1860 and
suppose that they have died.  

DRAKE - GOULD - MARSH - OGDEN Connection (?)
>From an 1842 map of  West Sparta:   Charles and Mary DRAKE live in West
Sparta.  Across the road is the family of Ezekiel and Catharine M. OGDEN
and next door is the home of Daniel and Polly Hannah GOULD.  The family
of Charles D. and Theresa MARSH are around the corner and down the road
from the Goulds.  
>From the 1855 NY State census:  There must be some marriage connection
between these families.  Lewis Marsh, son of Charles and Theresa Marsh,
is married to Helen, who appears to be the daughter of Ezekiel and
Catharine M. Ogden.  In what  I think is the Drake's home, Lewis Marsh is
listed as the head of household with wife Helen, Charles and Mary Drake
are listed as his grandparents and Mary Gould as his cousin. (Mary is
also the granddaughter of Charles and Mary Drake.)  Therefore, either
Lewis's mother or possibly Helen's mother is another daughter of the
Drakes. How else could he be their grandson if the relationship reported
is actually correct?  And, the Marshes have a son called John or Ogden
Marsh, depending on which census you read!  I know, it's supposition, and
a mystery to untangle!

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