Drakes married to Grovers,

Date: Wednesday, 8 August 1998 

Seek any information on the following Drakes married to Grovers, in pre-and post Civil War Illinois: Betsey Drake md. Charles B. Grover, 10/4/1855, Kane County, Illinois Salina Drake md. Christopher B. Grover, 6/14/1854, Kane County, Illinois Mary Ann Drake md. Isaiah Grover, 8/16/1873, Edgar County, Illinois Laura Drake md. Leurtus Grover, 1/25/1845, Kane County, Illinois Believe they may all be from same family, with origins in New York state, possibly Syracuse area. Any information would be appreciated and will share what little information we have.

Thank you for your courtesy and co operation in this regard.

Sincerely, Robert Campbell of Long Beach, California,
great- great-grandson of Christopher B. and Salina DRAKE Grover
of Batavia, Illinois