James John DRAKE
born c. 1740 in NJ

James John DRAKE was born c. 1740 in NJ.  I have Mary listed as his wife,
with a question mark.  Here are his children: Holly DRAKE, John DRAKE b. 4 Mar
1763 in NJ.  Moses DRAKE b. 9 Sept 1765 in NJ,  m. Elizabeth POUND 1801 in OH.
Hannah DRAKE b. 6 Jan 1768 in NJ.  Tabitha DRAKE b. 14 April 1771 in PA,  m.
James WHITE. Mary DRAKE b. 17 Sept 1775 in PA,  m. Mr. BLUE.   James DRAKE b.
9 April 1778 in PA,  m. Sarah PADDOCK  25 Jan 1798 in OH.(Have much more data
on James and Sarah available.)

John DRAKE b. 4 March 1763 in NJ we have little data on.  His son was William
DRAKE, we do not know where or when he was born, but he married Sarah LISTON
in 1804 in OH.  I have other data on her.  William DRAKE died in 1840 in IL.
Sarah and William had five children: Henry DRAKE B. 27 Dec 1804, Charlotte
DRAKE b. 11 Mar 1808, Joseph Liston DRAKE, b. 1814 in IN, Martha DRAKE b. 2
Jun 1818, and C. DRAKE b. 22 Nov 1822.

My line is through Joseph Liston and I have more data available on him

Does any of this match? Also, does anyone know the name of C. DRAKE?