John Drake c 1560 - after 1619

From: Roy Andrews 
Subject: [DRAKE-L] John Drake c 1560 - after 1619 : Drake  Roll Call
Date: Monday, April 10, 2000 1:48 PM

Hi Barb and Drake Exchange members.

1.My earliest ancestor is a John Drake born c 1560
in Broomfield or Pitminister, Somerset and he was still alive in 
 1619 when he signed the" protestant roll" in Churchstanton,
 2. 3 known children were 
Thomas,John and Mark ( d 1632).
 Some of the Drake  villages were Teignmouth,
Churchstanton and Yarcombe. In 1910  a local clergyman 
in Devon stated that " this line of Drakes  was lineally  
descended from the Senior line" but we don't  know if it 
was the Admirals brother or the Ashe Drakes,
hopefully time will tell.

Best wishes,
Roy Andrews

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