Norfolk and Greater London (1800-present)

From: Monica Drake 
Subject: [DRAKE-L] Drake Roll Call Norfolk and Greater London (1800-present)
Date: Monday, April 10, 2000 2:11 PM

 Here is a simple list of the Drake's I am researching:

 Name      Birth date        Birth location
Drake, Edward Herbert May 11, 1910 Middlesex, London, England
Drake, Florence Amy 1869 Saint Pancras, Old Church, London, England
Drake, Francis Abt. 1813 Norwich, Norfolk, England
Drake, Francis Robert Abt. 1865 Saint Pancras, Old Church, London, England
Drake, Francis Smith Abt. 1844 Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Drake, Harriett January 10, 1869 Saint Peter, Saint Pancras, Middlesex,
Drake, Herbert Paget January 1867 St. Pancras, Old Church, Middlesex,
London, England
Drake, James April 02, 1854 Saint Peter, Saint Pancras, Middlesex, England

- Edward Herbert Drake married to Lillian Freshwater in St. Pancras, London
in 1935
- Florence Amy, Francis Robert and Herbert Paget were siblings (children of
Francis Smith Drake). In the 1881 census their father had passed away and
Florence was a patient in a women's hospital.
- Francis Drake from Norwich married a Margaret ? who was from Kings Lynn,
Norfolk. Seems like their son Francis Smith was born in Kings Lynn and
sometime after that the whole family moved to Middlesex where two more
children (at least) were born: Harriet and James.

AND OF COURSE!!!! I cannot pass by an opportunity to ask about Edward
Herbert's sister. I don't know her name, her age or who she married. All we
know is that she was probably older (born 1891-1909) and she married a
Canadian sailor and moved to the Ottawa Valley area.