John Drake born in England (guess at 1725) unknown wife
- Drake roll call March 99

Dear Listers,

Jimbo's comment to Barb, this day, about having new info on KY Drakes
caused me to reply to the Roll Call:

As one of the Orphan Brigade (Drakes without origin) I have only a short
list.  Unfortunately, it begins with John.  This information comes from
old family papers:

John Drake born in England (guess at 1725) unknown wife.  He arrived in
America about 1750 with his infant son, James Francis Drake.

James Francis Drake born in England (About 1749) Married (1)Ann Nancy
Bruce at Culpeper, VA, abt 1767.  He had two children by his first wife,
one by his second.  JFD died in Scott 1808.  There was a will on

Child 1,Thomas Drake, b about 1768
Child 2, Elizabeth Betsy Bruce Drake, b 1771.

Thomas married Racheal Peak and had three kids:  Henry Bruce Drake, Jane

Drake, and Franky Drake.  He died in Scott Co., KY in 1818.

Betsy Bruce married Lewis Vallandingham and produced ten kids.  One was
Thomas Drake Vallandingham and another was Henry Bruce Vallandingham (my

line). There was at least one child by his second wife, Winney _____:
Polly (Mary) Drake, who m. Isaac Foster, and had several kids.

Henry Bruce Drake m. Bathsheba Burgess and had George Edward William

Family papers also pointed to a relationship to the SFD family.  It is
timing, place of origin and the site of VA, that my john was a son of
the elusive Bamfield Drake, Jr. (just conjecture, but there is no one

Bill Brauker  just reported this, which tends to confirm part of my
family's papers:

I found the information in a book of the Virginia County Records
COUNTY 1721-1800, DEEDS, DEED BOOK J 1774-1782, page 335, May 21, 1778.

"Alexander Spotswood, Esqr., to Jno. Drake. Lease 100 a. in St. Geo.
Spts. Co. "James Drake and Winnifred, his wife, and Thos. Drake," etc.
lbs. tob. yearly. No witnesses. May 21, 1778."

That part about "no witnesses" is the story of my life.

Tom from KY