William Drake(1720-1810) mar Elizabeth Taylor(1720) - Drake roll call Jan 99

From: CSIles8359@aol.com
Subject: [DRAKE-L] roll call
Date: Thursday, February 04, 1999 9:33 AM

Hi I've been reading the list and hope someone can give me more information on
my Drakes and when this line came to the US. I understand they are Drakes of
Ashe and were from NY, but don't have their ancestors before them. Could
someone on the list help me out.	
	William Drake(1720-1810) mar Elizabeth Taylor(1720)  Their children. My line
	*Cornelius Drake(1741-1810)mar Sarah Worthington(1741-1804) Myline
	    John Drake(1756-1825)Mar Rebekah heady(1755-1825) 12 Children
	Jonathan Drake(1750-1791) Mar Lucy(1755) 1 child Robert
	Rebecca Drake(1760) marThomas Heady(1755-1804)
	James Drake(1765) mar Sarah/Sally Paddock(?)  1child James Jr.(1800)
	Moses Drake(1758) Mar ?                                             	
	Prisicilla Drake(?)
	*children of Cornelius and Sarah
	Rachel Drake(1760-1839) mar Daniel Bidwell(1761-1839) 13 children
	Tabitha Drake(1770) mar James White(1766)  Children?
	Sally Drake(1773) mar William Goff(?), Thomas Bone(1766)
	Priscilla Drake(1774-1850) mar Job Mathews91772-1851) 17 children
	Francis Drake(1775-1814) Martha(?)
Samuel Drake(1777-1863) mar Jane Waters(1782-1846)  My line  19 children
	Phibe Drake(1781) mar Alexander/Abner Gray(?) children(?)
	Daniel Drake(1785-1857) mar Elizabeth Waters(1783-1852) 5 children
	# children of Samuel and Jane
	+Nancy Catherine Drake(1816-1883)mar George Howard Hysham/Haysom/Hysom	My
line 14 children                                                      	+Louisa
Jane Hysham(1836-1906) mar William Pulley(1829-1908)   my line
	 +Matilda Pulley(1872-1959)  mar Walter Benjamin Iles(1860-1929) My line
	I left out all the children but will post them for those interested. Hope
someone on the list can be of help and fill in what I'm lacking. Thanks   Sue