John Drake b. 17?? NY?? d. ?? NY ??
- Drake roll call Jan 99

From: Dan Drake
Subject: [DRAKE-L] DRAKE-Roll Call
Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 11:42 PM

Well -- here is another Drake line starting with a John Drake.  If you
see something that you recognize, please let me know.  I have more info
on spouses.

1st Generation
John Drake
b. 17?? NY??
d. ?? NY ??
(according to family notes he lived in Danville, NY "near Geneva")

2nd Generation
George W. Drake (married Sarah Moffitt)
b.  1814 in Seneca or Steuben Co. NY
d. ??? (I assume in Cattaraugus County, NY)
(siblings: Thaddius, Francis, Jonas, Peter, and Mary Drake)

3rd Generation
William Warren Drake (married Caroline Lyon of Salamanca, NY)
b. Nov. 30, 1840, Little Valley (aka Salamanca), Cattaraugus County, NY
d. Aug. 6, 1911, Findlay, Ohio
(siblings Alonzo Drake of Niles, Ohio; William R. Drake of Cleveland,
OH; Francis A. Drake of Akron, Ohio; John P. Drake of Ann Arbor, Mich.)

4th Generation
William Henry Drake (married Mary E. Schuck of Girad, OH)
b. Dec. 11, 1863, Little Valley, Cattaraugus Co., NY
d. June 9, 1919, Findlay, Ohio
(No siblings)

5th Generation
Delos D. Drake (married Catherine B. Loftus of Plains, PA)
b. Dec. 3, 1886 in Girad, Ohio
d. Nov. 1965 in Findlay, Ohio
(No siblings)

6th Generation
William J. Drake (my father who married Mary L. Fellers of Findlay, OH)
b. 1920 Findaly, Ohio
(siblings:  Delos Drake, Jr. and Robert W. Drake)

7th Generation
Daniel J. Drake (me! the frustrated rookie genealogist)

Thank you for the opportunity to make the Roll Call!

Dan Drake