Richard Drake b. 1610 married Thomazine
- Drake roll call July 99

Subject: Re: [DRAKE-L] ROLL CALL
Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 8:09 PM

Here is mine thanks to a lot of help from many of the Drake list members.  Hope
the indents come through okay.

Richard Drake b. 1610  married Thomazine
    Thomas b. 1650 d 1727  married Sarah
        Aaron b 1685
        Richard b 1696 d 1759 Southhampton Co VA  married Margaret
            Francis b 1725 d 1794 Union Co SC  married Joyce
            Nathaniel b 1785 Nash Co NC married Delilah Floyd
            William b 1731 d 1801 Nash Co NC married Zilpah
                Richard b 1762 d 1835 married Penelope Bridgers
                    James W. Drake b 1803 d. Gainesville TX married Honora Rootes(
dau of Philip J. Rootes see below)
                        Seigneora Drake b 1831 AL d. Denton Co TX married Robert
Bell Haynes
                               lots of kids here, one married a Jones which is
where I descend from
                        Sarah Rootes Drake  b MS married a John Carr.  Her
daughter married John Rice Drake
                        Richard Drake b MS
                        Livernia Drake b MS
                        Penelope Drake b. MS
                        Julia Drake b. MS
                    George W. Drake
                    Temperance Drake b. Mar 10 1806
                    Ivan Drake
                    Harriet Drake
                    Angelina P. Drake
                    Minerva Drake
                    Sally Ann Drake
                    John Drake married Boddie ?? see below ..son of Richard or son
of William??
                John H. married _____ Boddie
                Matthew d 1815 Nash Co NC married Milbray Evans
                Elizabeth (married Francis Drake - a cousin listed
                William Jr.
                Male unknown
                Male unknown
            Tristram b 1754 Halifax Co NC
            Britton b  1712 d  1786 Chatham Co NC
            Richard Jr b 1714 VA d 1814 Union CO SC
            Edmund b 1732 d 1803 Nash Co
            Matthew b 1752 NC d 1810 Nash Co NC married Ann Arrington
                Francis Drake (married Elizabeth Drake - dau of William
Drake - Francis' cousin)
                    William F.
                     Joseph John
                    Matthew Bolivar
                    Green W.
                         Mary Elizabeth
                        William Green
                         Sarah Temperance
                     John J.
                    Sallie Ann Arrington
                    Temperance Arrington
                    Dorothy Collins
                    Elizabeth Wright
        John b 1695 d 1727 married Sarah Bryant
            James (debate as to who this James is)
    John b 1647 d 1689 married Jemima Parnell
        Thomas b 1675 d 1757 VA  married Ann Griffin
        Richard b 1677 d  1757
        John b 1680