Drake, Jacob d.1826 Wash.,Co., PA
- Drake roll call July 99

From: Donald Drake 
Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call: Drake, Jacob d.1826 Wash.,Co., PA
Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:18 AM

For the Roll Call:

1. Jacob Drake (Parents not yet determined) died April (?), 1826 in
Washington Co., PA
m. Mary ______ born about 1770.
    Children of Jacob (not known if Mary is only spouse) Correct order
    of birth not known.
    2.     Anne m. Carickhoff
           Polly m. Malatt
           Sally m. Cunningham
           Betsey m. Frank
           Henry (may be the oldest and by a prior marriage)
           Peter (may be from a prior marriage)
           Phebe m. Sickman
           Peggy m. Stewart
           William b. abt. 1786
           Ephraim b. 1788 in PA m. Abigail ______ born in VA
               3.   _______ b. 1810
                    _______ b. 1815
                    _______ b. 1816
                    _______ b. 1817
                    John C. Drake b. abt. 1818
                    _______ b. 1821
                    _______ b. 1822
                    Samuel C. Drake b. 1824, Tennessee m. 4/22/1844
                    Tallapossa, Co., AL Sarah Brown b. 1825, Cherokee
Nation, Alabama
                    Children of Samuel and Sarah
                        4.   Salina
                             Frances m. G.W. Sellars 11/01/1883
Tall.,Co., AL
                             Zackariah Taylor b. 1846 m. Anna Ison
12/12/1872 Tall, AL
                             John b. 1849 Cherokee Co., Al
                             Mary b. 1854 m. B.C. Davis 10/04/1875
                             Solomon b. 1854 m. Susan Mobley
b.03/23/1866 d.12/06/1915
                                            12/08/1881 (marriage date)
                                Children of Solomon & Susan all born in
Etowah/Marshall Co., Alabama
                                5.   Sarah Buela b.1882 m. Marvin
Leonidas White
                                      Belum C.  b. 1886 m. Kate Wright
                                      Amanda Stella b. 1889 m. Fred H.
                                      John C.  b. 09/03/1891 m. Estelle
                                      Leonard  b. 05/18/1895
                                      Thomas D.  b. may 1987
                                      Hugh B. b. 09/08/1899 m. Anna C.
                                      Dural b. 05/17/1900 m. Mabel Lee
                                      Marvin b. 1902

                           4. Susan R. b. 1856 m. Jesse E. Sneed

                 5. Larsen (Census Index says Saradan) b. 1825 TN m.
Hannah A. b. 1827
                     Emaline b. 1829
                     Malinda b. 1832
                     Russell b. 1833

My current feeling is that Jacob Drake b. about 1745 might be related to

the Benjamin & Abraham connected to the Drake Cemetery talked about
recently.  I think someone said the older Benjamin (ancestor of the one
buried in Tennessee) was in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s.   I have no
idea where this Jacob came from.

Don Drake