Mourning Drake b. abt 1800 in NC, probably, ma. Moses Wood/s on April 23, 1824 in Guilford, NC
- Drake roll call September 99

From: Victoria Dean 

Subject: [DRAKE-L] roll call
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 8:34 AM

Hello, list.  Here is my roll call....

1.  Mourning Drake b. abt 1800 in NC, probably, ma. Moses Wood/s on April
23, 1824 in Guilford, NC.  They had a daughter--and probably more children,
but they are unknown to me.  She was named Candace/Candasa/Candis/Kansas R.
Wood/s b. abt 1824 or later.

    2.  Candis Woods ma. Charles Ellingsworth on April 18, 1839 in Greene
Cty., IN.  Their children were--
        3.  Marsha Rebecca ellingsworth b. June 1, 1840
        3.  Permelia Martha Ellingsworth b. abt 1842
        3.  Jesse Ellingsworth b. Aug. 1842
        3.  Littleton F. Ellingsworth b. abt 1844
        3.  Mourning Angeline Ellingsworth b. abt 1846
        3.  Washington-or Nash-T. Ellingsworth b. Feb. 2, 1848
        3.  Moses B. Ellingsworth b. abt 1850
        3.  Charles William Ellingsworth b. abt 1855
        3.  Letitia Isabelle Ellingsworth b. May 29, 1859 and d. June 17,
1939.  She ma. twice and had a lover for a few years.  The husbands were 1.
John Milton Earlywine from 1877-about 1899, and 2.  George W. Jenkins from
1903-her death.  The lover was Ezekiel Riley Rogers from 1899-1903 at his
death.  They had a daughter, named Riley Victoria Rogers, my grandmother.
            4.  Riley Victoria Rogers b. May 18, 1901 in probably MO.  She
ma. Charles William Eichelberger on Aug. 8, 1933 and had 2 children--
                5.  William Franklin Eichelberger b. Sept. 26, 1933 and d.
Oct. 27, 1933
                5.  James Richard Eichelberger b. Jan. 27, 1935 in Vigo
Cty., IN.  He ma. Lorraine May Greenbaum on Dec. 24, 1960.  Their children
                    6.  Victoria Susan Eichelberger b. in IN  and ma. Mark
Douglas Dean in MD. Their children are--
                        7.  Jared Thomas Dean b. in MD
                        7.  Caleb Joseph Dean b. in MD
                    6.  David William Eichelberger b. in IN and ma. Elaine
Whybrew in IN.  Their children are--
                        7.  Daniel Jacob Eichelberger b. in IN
                        7.  Paige Lorraine Eichelberger b. in IN
        3.  Joseph S. Ellingsworth b. abt 1864
And these other names have come up from time to time as possible siblings
        3.  John
        3.  Less
        3.  Mary
        3.  William
        3.  James

If anyone has any further info on Mourning Drake, I would appreciate hearing
from you.

Victoria Dean