John Drake & Margaret Weldon - Drake roll call November 1999

From: William F. Drake

Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call - John Drake & Margaret Weldon
Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 10:22 AM

Hello Everyone ,

Most have figured out that I am not William F. Drake , I am his son , Travis E. Drake . I would like to welcome the new list members , and would like to encourage each of them to post as much of their information as possible to the list . A large amount of information concerning the various Drake lineage's appear hear , as well as excellent articles that may help your research , or peak your interest in historical happenings that surround the Drake Family .

My lineage has been traced back to John Drake who was born in Devonshire , England in 1694 , or possibly 1695 . he married Margaret Weldon and they moved to the American Colonies early in the 1700's . This Family eventually settled in what is now Uniontown , Fayette County , Pennsylvania . After a few generations , branches of this family moved into the Carolina's and on into Kentucky and Tennessee . John Drake was one of the original homesteaders of Nelson County Kentucky , and it is through him I am descended .

I have met many other people from the list , and elsewhere that also are descended from this family line , and most have been more than happy to share their information with me , as I have done with them . Unfortunately , no matter how much information I have been able to uncover about the various branchings of my tree in America , I have yet to uncover the parentage of either John or Margaret . Any new information , or even old information , would be appreciated in our efforts to find these individuals .
Respectfully Yours,

Travis E. Drake