William Drake - Drake roll call November 1999

From: Patti Petit
Subject: [DRAKE-L] RE: Rollcall. William Drake
Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 6:04 PM

Beginning here & now, Joseph Tillotson Drake Jr. B 1912,married Patricia Virginia Krueger children Joseph Tillotson Drake III, Virginia Drake Weaks, Diana Drake Schum and Myself Patricia Drake Petit.
Joseph Tillotson Drake of Portland, ME (b.1886) - (d1975) married Una Geraldine Stephenson: children Joseph Tillotson Drake Jr., and Selwyn Drake (d@1920), Joseph Tillotson Drake remarried upon Una's death in 1916 and had a daughter Alice Drake Kent.
William Shores Drake (b - Dec. 23, 1843- Beeston-Yorkshire )- married Hannah Tillotson (b Nov. 19, 1846 Leeds- Yorkshire) some question about this as Hannah or her father came from Dumferlaine, Scotland.
Married May 16, 1871 Buffalo, NY.
children William Tillotson Drake 1872
Annie Drake Seippe (b1874- d1973)
Ada Drake (b Jan. 13,1875 - d Feb. 1, 1934)
Mary Jane (May) Johnson (b. 1878 -d Sept. 25, 1963)
Esther T Drake (b 1881 -d Mar. 9, 1969)
Maude Drake Weyer (b. Apr. 10, 1884 -d-Dec. 9, 1970)
Joseph Tillotson Drake (B. 1886 -d 1975)
John Drake (4/22/1809 - 9/2/1864) m. 8/27/1832 Elizabeth Shores (b 8/26/1810 - 4/6/1857 Leeds/ Holbeck (carpenter)
Joseph Drake (b- @1772 -d age 59 17/10/1831) Holbeck Married Jane (b-1779 -d 5/12/1821 age 42 Holbeck
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