Robert Drake 1579 (England) - Mary Drake 1745 (NJ)
- Drake roll call November 1999

From: Bill Stout

Subject: re: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call - Robert Drake 1579 (England) - Mary Drake 1745 (NJ)
Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 10:27 AM


I found the following in "Pioneers of Old Hopewell" page 202, by Ralph Ege:
Grace, daughter of Doctor Parke, married Jacob Stout, son of James, of Amwell. 

Their children were: (1) Samuel, married Hannah Drake, and had children, Nathan, John, 
Elizabeth and Sarah. 

(2) Aaron, married Mary Drake and had children, Andrew and Daniel, who owned the farms 
south of Hopewell, afterward owned by Deacon Benjamin Drake, and Charles and Noah 
Stout, distillers. 

(3) William, married Hannah Hutchinson, and had two children. 

(4) John, married Kesiah Brush, daughter of Timothy, and had one child, Sarah, who married 
Amos Hoagland, the father of John Stout Hoagland and grandfather of our townsman, 
Simpson Hoagland, Esq. 

(5) Elizabeth, married John Vankirk, and had three children, Jacob, Henry and Sarah. 

(6) Annie, married her father's cousin, Benjamin Stout, and had three children, Abner, Aaron 
and Grace. 

(7) Sarah, married Azariah Higgins, the ancestor of the family at Ringoes and Wertsville. 

(8) Catharine, married Enoch Drake, and had John, Benjamin, William, Anna, wife of 
Jeremiah Van Dyke, Esq., of Hopewell, and Peter V., who married Rachel Savidge, and had 
Benjamin, Robert and Alfred. 

William, son of Enoch Drake and Catharine Stout, named above, married Achsah, daughter 
of William Wert, and had Enoch, who is now 90 years of age and a resident of our Borough. 
(2) John, of Lambertville, now deceased, and (3) Zephaniah, who resides in Trenton. 

So as you can see Aaron STOUT did marry a Mary DRAKE, the question is which one?
I think we have two different Mary DRAKEs here, but we have them both tied back to the
same set of parents.

Help us out here someone!

Bill Stout
Gilbert, AZ