My Drake family descends from Joshua (Joshway) Drake b. abt 1750 - 1770, NJ or perhaps PA.
- Drake roll call November 1999


Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call: Joshua (Joshway) Drake, NJ/PA/NY/WI
Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 9:32 PM

My Drake family descends from Joshua (Joshway) Drake b. abt 1750 - 1770, NJ 
or perhaps PA. The following information is all that is known at this time:

1.  JOSHWAY1(aka Joshua) DRAKE was born Bet. 1750 - 1770.  He married ELEANOR 
(????). Lived in Pike County, Pennsylvania early 1800s

 CHRISTOPHER  DRAKE, b. November 18, 1796, New Jersey; d. January 1, 1867, 
Saxeville, Wisconsin. Married Margaret Applemon (Appleman?)
           Christopher lived in Pike Co. Pennsylvania  during the 1820s and 
30s, then in Steuben, Chenango and Chemung county New York, 1839 - 1854  at 
which time he and his family moved west to Wisconsin.
Children of Christopher and Margaret Applemon are:

    i.  PETER DRAKE, b. October 21, 1818.
    ii. BENJAMIN DRAKE, b. March 27, 1821,
    iii.    JOSHUA DRAKE, b. March 11, 1824; d. December 11, 1854.
    iv. JANE DRAKE, b. April 4, 1825; d. December 27, 1825.
    v.  MARY ANN DRAKE, b. February 21, 1827, Pennsylvania; d. September 27, 
1912, Kronenwetter, Marathon Co. Wisconsin;         m. JOHN DOYLE.
    vi. ELEANOR DRAKE, b. August 19, 1829, Pennsylvania; d. October 12, 1911.
    vii.    STEPHEN W. DRAKE, b. January 9, 1832, Pennsylvania; d. August 12, 
    viii.   SARAH JANE DRAKE, b. March 10, 1834; d. September 24, 1889.
    ix. JOHN DRAKE, b. August 8, 1836; d. March 29, 1851.
    x.  CHRISTOPHER JR. DRAKE, b. April 29, 1839, Bath, Stueben Co. New York; 
d. April 14, 1897, Kroneurwette, Marathon Co.       Wisconsin.
    xi. WILLIAM TUTTLE DRAKE, b. August 5, 1841, Chenango Co. New York; d. 
1922, Wausau, Wisconsin.

Christopher Drake Sr., (born 1796) moved from Big Flats, Chemung Co. NY to 
Saxville , Wisconsin about 1854, presumily following his son Benjamine  (born 
1821) who had moved to Utica, Wisconsin about 1849/50

Note:  It is possible that Joshua/Joshway and Eleanor also had other children 
in addition to Christopher. If  anybody has data that would help narrow down 
which state Joshua/Joshway originated, and any additional information on this 
Drake family line, I would love to hear from them.