Benjamin Drake born 1729 some say New Jersey died 1827 Carter Co Tennessee
- Drake roll call November 1999

From: Cecil Downey

Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll call
Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 10:17 PM

Mine goes back to Benjamin Drake born 1729 some say New Jersey died 1827 Carter Co Tennessee
son Isaac Drake m Ruthy Murry son William Murry Drake m.Sophrohia Bell Daughter Ruth Ann Drake m.John D.Downey my grand father.i'm sure every one has all this. but heres somthing I found while going over some old papers.

In 1780 in Nashborough (Nashville)there were about 240 men that were at Watauga who signed a pack on the selling of land in Tennessee "That all young men over the age of sixteen years,and able to performe militia duty,shall be considered as having a full right to enter for and obtain lands in there own names.Richard Henderson was the first to sign this also signing was .

Isaac Drake
Jonathan Drake
Benjamin Drake (I know this is not my Benjamin)
John Drake.

After the adoption of the "Articles of Agreement" Col.Henderson proceeded to make sales of land under the Watauga purshase of 1775, He allowed each settler to buy one thousand acres at the price of ten dollars (10),and issued to the purchaser a certificate of such purchase. some of the names were.

Benjamin Drake 320 acres on the waters of white creek
Isaac Drake 640 acres between Big and little Harpeth River
Benjamin Drake 640 acres on the south side Cumberlandriver waters of mill creek.
Jonathan Drake & John Drake 640 acres on waters of Cumberland river.
Benjamin Drake 640 acres on the Sulphur fork of Red River
Jonathan Drake 640 acres on the east fork of halfpone creek
Benjamin Drake 640 acres on the northfork of McAdoe creek
Isaac Drake 50 acres on the road leading to Red River
John Drake 640 acres on white's creek
Ephraim Drake & Daniel Dunham 640 acres on little Harpeth river
Benjamin Drake jr. 640 acres on a small creek of Cumberland river (just who is this Benjamin Jr.) does any one have him on their list?
In the 1830 census of Davidson Co only John Drake who is now about 70 or 80 years old,and Benjamin Drake who is between70 and 80 years old, other Drakes in the census are not old enough to have been there in 1780,they are Logan Drake age 20/30 Isaac Drake age 20/30 Jonathan Drake age 30/40
Elijah Drake age 20/30, William Drake age 30/40.

Just who is this Benjamin's father I know that he came to Nashville with Gen.James Robertson along with James Ray (from the Watauga) and Stepren Ray (form the Watauga)

The last i have on Benjamin Drake he bought 640 acres on Barton's creek below the meat crib. september 13,1785 ,does any one have any thing on these men ,and is it possible they coul be kin to Benjamin Drake of Carter Co.Tn.