James Frances Drake, CA 1750 - Drake roll call November 1999

From: Thomas Fiske 

Subject: [DRAKE-L] James Frances Drake, CA 1750
Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 1:06 PM

Dear Listers,

Some time back I showed on a Drake roll call some of my Drake ancestors and
cousins.  There is more I found recently in my files. Since my Drakes seem
to have flown from England to VA on the back of a 747 about 1750, though, no
one is especially interested in them.

I am sure I mentioned John Drake, probably b. in England about 1724, and his
James Frances Drake, an infant b.in England around 1750 who went to VA with
his father.  He m. Anne Bruce  about 1768 and they had two kids & moved to
Scott Co., KY.   J.F.D. d. 1808
His daughter, Betsy Bruce Drake,  m. Lewis Vallandingham
His son, Thomas Drake (d. 1818) had a son Henry Bruce Drake.
Henry Bruce Drake married Bathsheba Burgess  and they had a son, George
Edward William Drake. G.E.W. Drake was buried in the Drake cemetery on the
Herman Robinson Farm, Rte 2, Box 56, Sadieville, KY 42648 (on Indian Creek
Road) Scott Co., KY.  It was in 1880 when he was 48 years old.  He was in
the CSA for four years.  They had an infant child who died.
 The information came from a Mrs. Marie DeFrees of  Mooresville, IN 46158

>From somewhere appeared an 1831 record  of the estate of a James P. Drake,
whose wife Catherine was of Fontaine Co., IN.  Frances Drake Brockman (maybe
a sister of James), JFD's wife #2,Winney, is mentioned, and so are H.B.
Drake, all called legal heirs of Thomas Drake, dec'd.

 There is no payoff.  I came from a small Drake line which claimed descent
from SFD's clan.   They all seem to have died off except for my brother and
me and a few cousins in Scott Co., KY.

Tom of the DOB (Drake Orphan Brigade)