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Drake family related Surnames Databases
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Tuthill (Tothill) - Drake
From: Charles M Lennox
Date: Thursday, January 13, 2000 12:47 PM


For your information I have the two Drake instances in my Pedigree of
Tuthill (Tothill), from my 10th great grandfather, William Tothill, one-time
mayor of Exeter, 1552:

TOTHILL, Katherine, born circa 1530, died June 18 1622, buried in Canterbury
Cathedral, daughter of the above William and his wife, Elizabeth Matthew.
She married firstly William Kingsley of Chorley, co. Lancaster and secondly:

DRAKE, Nicholas, born circa 1610, died 1641; he was the 6th son of
Robert Drake of Wiscombe, a pensioner of King James I

ISSUE: I have no records

TUTHILL, Jowan (Joan), born circa 1588, died April 18 1625, at Amersham,
England. Her father was William Tothill, a grandson of William of Exeter,
(who married firstly Jane Cheyne, whose ancestory can be traced back to
834AD),and her mother was Katherine Denham. She married March 3 1602:

DRAKE, Francis, born circa 1582, died March 3 1602, and is buried at St
Dunstan's in-the-West, Middlesex

I have no record of issue.


This William Tothill circa 1560 - 1626, grandson of William the Mayor, was
an eminent lawyer and one of the heads of the English law courts of his era,
who married well, in addition to being quite wealthy in his own right - a
pal of Queen Elizabeth, he built a great estate at Amersham, called
"Shardeloes." He married Katherine Denham, circa 1565-1617 whose brother was
Sir John Denham, Knight, and Baron of the Exchequer, one of the most
powerful men of his era. This William had only girls, Jowan (Joan) circa
1588-1625 and Katherine, b 1591. Jowan inherited Shardeloes, but she being
childless at her death, the Estate passed into the Drake hands.

I am not sure of the relationship between Francis Drake and Nicholas Drake?
Perhaps you know and can provide some extra information.


Charles M Lennox