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Drake English genealogy databases.
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Drake family English genealogy databases.
If you would like to add any material that is related to the Drake family to this list, please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your entries will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

Captain Francis Drake
- Born circa 1615, England
1CAPTAIN FRANCIS DRAKE - Born circa 1615, England. Died 24Sep1687, Piscataway, NJ. Married Mary Walker. Was the first Commander of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Jersey Blues (1673- 1685).

2 REVEREND JOHN DRAKE - Born circa 1655, Portsmouth, NH. Will proven 1740 Essex Co. NJ. Married Rebecca Trotter in 1677. Was a Baptist minister.

3 BENJAMIN DRAKE (Gentleman) - Born 1683/4, Piscataway, JF. Died 30Aug1763, Hopewell, NJ. Married Mary Runyan, daughter of Vincent Runyan and Anne Martha Butcher.

4 ZACHARIAH DRAKE - Born Circa 1725, Hopewell, NJ. Will made 1766, Upper Makefield, Bucks Co., PA. Married second time Elizabeth Blackwell, daughter of Robert Blackwell, Jr.

5 CAPTAIN JOHN DRAKE (4 ZACHARIAH, 3 BENJAMIN, 2 REV. JOHN, 1 CAPT. FRANCIS DRAKE) Born 05sept1748, M. Jane Elizabeth Neely, 1775 in Botetourt Co. VA, Died 07Feb1839 near Huntsville, AL .
He (John) fought in the Revolutionary War and was an Officer in the Virginia Line
.The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 1944, p. 557, carried his obituary:
"Drake, John - age 91 years. He was a soldier of the Revolution. He removed from Virginia and settled near this place many years ago, where he has ever been known as one of our best citizens, maintaining through his long life the most unimpeachable character. He was a member of the Baptist Church, and was universally esteemed a truly just, pious and good man. He has left a large family connection to lament his loss. The Fincastle (VA) Democrat will please copy the above. Huntsville. The Democrat, March 2, 1839."
Children of 5 John Drake:
6 Zachariah Drake b.12Dec1775; m.(1)Anna Leftwich (2) Rhoda Neely
6 Robert Drake b.23Dec1777
6 James Drake b.30Apr1780; m. (1)Rosanna Neely (2) Agnes Neely
6 John Drake, Jr. b.31Jan1783; m. Frances Campbell
6 Andrew Drake b.26July1785; (1) Amelia Leftwich (2) Caroline McCartney
6 William Monroe /Michael Drake b.23Mar1789 Botetourt Co. Va.; m.Elizabeth Leftwich
01Jun1815 Bedford City, VA; d.12Jan1866, Russell's Valley, Franklin Co. AL 6 Anna Neely Drake b.3Apr1791; m. Jackson Leftwich
6 Elijah Drake b.16May1793; m. Elizabeth W. Buford
6 Elizabeth Drake b.30Aug1795; m. James Addison Neely 25Dec1820 in MadisonCo. AL
6 Neely Drake b.12Oct1798; m.(1) Lucinda Grider (2) Eliza Leftwich

Children of 6 William Michael Drake:
7 Paris Neely Drake b. 30May1816 Va.; m. (1) Rebecca L. Hill 29Jan1836 (2) Amanda Caroline Lindsey 23Feb1868 in Falcon, Ark.; d.26Dec1891 in Buckner, Ark.
7 Eliza Jane Drake b.15Dec1817, Va.; d.01Sep1824
7 Laurann Minerva Drake b.29Mar1819; m. Young E. Skinner
7 John Bunyan Drake b. 17Feb1821; m. Elenor E. Mallow
7 William Leftwich Drake b. 10Dec1822; m. Eliza Lillian Skinner
7 Elizabeth Delilah Drake b.5Dec1824; m. A.J. Freeman
7 Virginia Permelia Drake b. 23Oct1826; m. Stevens
7 Alabama Jane Drake b. 23Dec1827; Never married
7 Jabez Monroe Drake b. 21Nov1829; m. Mary Jane Coen
7 Agnes Narcissa Drake b. 26Apr1832
7 Parolee Almiree Drake b.25Jan1835; m. William Booker 02Sep1852
7 Mary Lee Moore Drake b.22Nov1837 d.same day

Children of 7 Paris Neely Drake:
8 Bynum Jerome b.07May1840; m. Rebecca Josephine Pelt 22Mar1866, Patmos AR; d.01Nov1912
8 John Drake
8 Bill Drake
8 Holdon Drake
8 Adelaide Drake b.1841; m. James Terrill Young 26Dec1858
8 Laura Drake
8 Marion Wallace Drake b.1843; m. Wm. Jacob Hinton 11Dec1859
8 Janie Drake
8 Paralee Drake
8 Lilla V. Drake b.01Jan1869
8 Sam B. Drake b.11Mar1873
8 Jabous Leftwich Drake b.23Feb1876
8 Minnie L. Drake b. 22Feb1879

Children of 8 Bynum Jerome Drake:

9 Eldridge Drake
9 Andrew Foster Drake b.14Oct1869; d.1955
9 Paris
9 Edwin
9 Paralee
9 Thomas Jefferson Drake b.23Oct1878 m.Lucy Ellen Powell died ca. 1974, 96 years old
9 Lyda Drake
9 Jeroma Drake
9 Rosa Drake

database owner Kathy Drake