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If you would like your Drake family genealogy databases/lineage added to this list - please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.
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Arthur Norman Drake
My father was Arthur Norman Drake, born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England on 18 January 1921. His father was Norman Jefferson Drake and his mother Ida. There is a connection with the family Mark, also from Yorkshire, England.
Judith Walters tick
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Christopher Drake
Christopher DRAKE b. abt 1761 Devon, m. Charity PARKER (bpt. 12 Feb 1767, Iddesleigh, Dev.) the youngest daughter of Bartholomew & Ann PARKER (nee KEYNOR) at Iddesleigh on 4 April 1786. Children and detailed lineage as well.
Updated: 14 February 2004
Barry Carlson
Christopher Drake
Christopher Drake married 18 Nov 1714 to Mary Badcock at High Week, Devon, UK
Roy Andrews
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Edmund Drake
Edward Drake born 1646 at Churchstanton, Devon, UK. Married 3 Jan 1679 to Sarah Henson. Descendents lived at Pitminister and Hemyock.
Roy Andrews
Edmund Drake
before 1791 Devon, Gloucestershire UK 6 generations- very detailed
Michael Sykes
Edmund Drake
7 generation lineage from the Drakes in the Bere Alston / Bere Ferrers area of Devon.
Derek James Gander.  
Emily Eliza Drake
m. 19 Mar 1874 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, to Andrew Hunter Finlayson who was b. circa 1815, Scotland. Their 7 children are listed.
Kay Podmore
Emma Lucy Drake
Emma Lucy Drake born at East Teignmouth, Devon, UK - married Charles Henry Lucas. Died in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Roy Andrews
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Francis Drake
Francis Drake Sep 1783-.. ... 1865 of Churchstanton, Devon, UK married Elizabeth Willie at Upottery, Devon, UK. Descendents all lived around Upottery and Yarcombe
Roy Andrews
Francis Drake
c 1615
Devonshire, UK - Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ - USA
8 generation lineage - very detailed.
Steve DeNunzio
Francis Drake
Devon, England
Married Mary Walker. Son, George Drake married Mary Oliver.
Kenny Mazzanti
Francis Drake - Captain
1615 - 1850
UK - NJ and KY - USA
6 generation
Judith Allison Walters
Francis Drake - Captain
UK - NJ, VA, AL and AR - USA
9 generation
Kathy Drake
Frederick Drake
Frederick Drake born at East Teignmouth, Devon, UK. Married in 1865 to Sophia Eliza Snelling.
Roy Andrews
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George Drake
c 1664 >
2 generations
Cecil Downey
George Roger Drake
1750 - 1820
Plymouth or Exeter, Devon, England to Nova Scotia, Canada;
5 generation lineage - detailed.
updated 11/98
Dot Drake
George W Drake
Ireland , VA - USA
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Hannah Drake
Hannah Drake born at Braunton, Nth Devon,UK. Married at Churchstanton, Devon, UK to John Blackmore.
Donna Loewen
Henry Drake
Our family documents date back to the 1700's but I can't piece togeter this jigsaw many thanks for any assistance - I have a number of drakes in my family, including Henry Drake- see attached document
anita vowles
Harry Drake
Harry Drake of Childe in Devon, England 1567 supposed to be a brother of Sir Francis Drake. Son Moses Drake of Devon 1637, had 5 children
1 Geradus Drake of Devon came to America, NJ, 2 William Drake settled in Westchester Co., NJ, 3 Joseph Drake settled in Orange Co., NY, 4 Lorana Drake, 5 Elizabeth Drake
Henry Drake
Henry Drake (shipbuilder) - Elizabeth Williams (to Australia c.1845-8) {Hely, Drake & Harpur shipbuilders in directory 1845} (Plymouth Eng - 1861) ( - 1886)
Roselyn Drake  
Henry Drake
b 1548 Wiggey, Riegate, Surry Co., England. Henry married Mary Lee in Eng, 1580. Very detailed database on the first generation of this lineage.
Ray Montgomery
Staton family website
Henry Drake
Henry Drake married Mary TUCKER at Barnstable, Devon, UK. Database per IGI information.
Roy Andrews
Henry Richard Drake
4 generations lineage from Cornwall and Lincolnshire, England to Kellog Iowa - USA. Grandson; William Shepperson Drake m Maria Belson. Came to US 1865 and when they arrived in the US everything was draped in black for the death of president Lincoln
Betty LeBeau
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James Drake
m. Elizabeth Symes. James died -___-1777, Pallington, Affpuddle, Dorset, England
detailed 6 generations lineage
Caroline Ingram
URL dead
James Drake
I am looking for news about James Drake and his descendants: James Drake b. 1819, in Dublin, m. Jane Moore, d. AFT 1874. James died 10 Jul 1905.
15 children listed.
Livio Moreno
Jesse Drake
Devonshire, England - Howard Co, MO - USA
9 generations lineage and detailed history
Larry Hutchison
John Drake
John Drake,(10 Mar 1816-before 1881) - turnpike toll collector. Born at Teignmouth,Devon,UK. M.(.. ... ....) Mary ,(circa 1820-deceased) - living with son samuel at time of 1881 census.
Roy Andrews website
John Drake
1540 - 2001
Churchstanton, Teignmouth, Somerset, Devon - UK. Singleton, NSW - Australia. 15 generations lineage
Roy Andrews website
John Drake>
Hi,I am researching the birthplace of John Drake (my GGrandfather) who was born 1838/1839 he was a Ships Carpenter who apparently jumped ship in Melbourne to go to the goldfields. He was later taken to Tasmania by a David Cocker to build barges, here he married Janet Jessie Husband at Torquay in 1861,settled in Devonport where he raised a family and became a successful boat builder and respected member of the community. Is there anyone else tracing this particular Drake line who could help me solve the problem of his correct birthplace.?
Dorothy Rodgers
John Drake
I have been researching my Drake family tree and have been able to follow it back to Nymet Tracey, Devon England. I have now been stumped to research any farther so I was wondering if anyone that reads your inquiries would be able to help me. The following information is all I have about the John and Elizabeth Drake family of Nymet Tracey ( also known as Bow). Thanks for any help.
The Drakes, M.A.D.
John Drake
Descendants of John Drake - Esquire of Mt. Drake & Exmouth 1350. Huge lineage of John Drake Esquire and Christiana Billett to Eugenia Doble 1861 - 1929 and Alba Reason Lovelace 1861 - 1941
Myrna McGhie
John Drake
Drake discussion forum
Lineage from John Drake (b.1350, Ashe England) m. Christina Billett to Eliza Drake (b. 2/25/1876,Ogden, Utah) m. Lawrence Hewitt Orson Drake, Jr. (b. 11/19/1851,Ogden, Utah) m. Lydia Gardner
Elizabeth Drake Wilson
John Drake
John Drake born at Braunton, Devon, UK. Married Elizabeth. Son Francis Drake married 7 Sep 1814 Sarah Huxtable. Descendents migrated to USA and Australia.
Roy Andrews
John Drake
b1420 - 1997
Devon - UK , USA
21 generations lineage
Lee Drake website
John Drake
c1350 - 1997
Devon , UK - USA
22 generations
text file
Robert Rood
John Drake  
Devon , UK - USA
9 generations
text file
Mary Ann Ryder
John Drake
late 1700s
Surrey, UK - Wellington,NZ
3 generations
Judy Davis
John Drake
before 1500
Devon,UK - CT, MA, OH, NY, IA - USA
20 generations
James and Lila Lawton
John Drake
Ashe, Dorsetshire, UK - USA
Drake of Ashe - 10 generations lineage
updated 10/98
Erica Puopolo
John Drake
before 1646
England?, - Windsor, Connecticut -USA
4 generations lineage
Al Dawson
1490 -
John Drake was born Abt. 1490 in the UK and died 1566. He married Margery Cole Bet. 1509 - 1539
17 generation lineage and history
128 kb
updated 12/98
Larry Drake
John Drake
( Sir )
Colyton, Devon, England - Weymouth, Norfolk, MA - USA
Debbie's Drake Page
Debbie Malec  
John Drake
1350 -
Devon, Dorsetshire, Surrey - Newport, Newport, RI
9 generation lineage
Carol Martin
John Drake
Ashe, England
18 generation lineage - Crandall, Button, Richardson and Oaks surnames
Sharon Hill
John Drake
Ireland, and Bathgate Scotland
JOHN1 DRAKE. He married (1) JANE NISBET, daughter of .......Nisbet and Rachel Whitting. He married (2) JANE MOORE.
Janelle Blight
John Drake
m Anne Granville. Child; Bernard Drake m Gertrude Fortescue dau of Bartolome Fortescue and Ellen Moore.
9 generation lineage
Dorothy J Smith
John Drake
Descendants of John Drake - County Down , Ireland to Invercargill , New Zealand. John Drake married Mary Kidd - 4 generation lineage.
John Drake
c. 1350
John Drake; grandfather of Sir Francis Drake. 13 generations direct lineage. In photographic form
John Drake
John Drake m Julian (?).. Son John Drake d: November 15, 1602 in Whitchurch Devon married Joan LIBBY m: 1562 in Whitchurch Devon d: May 10, 1600 in Whitchurch Devon - brilliant database
Ken Edwards
John Drake
John Drake 1762- married Ann Lock. Son John Drake married Elizabeth Mayne at St Martin, Exeter, Devon on 18th Sept 1802
Roy Andrews
John Drake
Descendants of John Drake - John Drake died 1566. He married Margery Hawkins.
Very detailed 15 generation lineage and history. My branch of Mary Drake m. James Newell begins with Generation 11 and goes through generation 15.
Catherine Drake Walker
Joseph Drake
1745 - 1833
Sowerby, Yorkshire, England
5 generations lineage
Philip Drake Ramsay
Joshua Drake
Joshua DRAKE married to to Elizabeth HIGGENS about 1825 in England. Daughter Eliza DRAKE was born about 1828 in England. She died in 1908 in Dunolly, Victoria, Australia. Age given as 80 years.
Detailed database.
Brian Page
Josiah Drake
(Dean of Ely), lived at the Priory at Prickwillow near Ely. He had 4 sons - James, Arthur, Josiah & Alfred, all went to Cambridge with the idea of entering the Church.
5 generation UK lineage.
Paula Hahnel
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Mary Drake
Mary Drake (18 Aug 1799-after 1851) - Born at: Teignmouth, Devon, UK m William Warren.
Roy Andrews website
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Nicholas Drake
b1302 - 1947
Essex - UK,
NH and NJ - USA
20 generations
large text file
Doris Stanford
Nicholas Drake
c 1252 - 1748
Essex - UK,
NH and NJ - USA
13 generations
text file
Brenda Bova
Nicholas Drake
c 1252 - 1825
Essex - UK,
15 generations
text file
Bob Newman
Nicholas Drake
c 1252
Essex - UK, NH, NJ - USA
Randy's Drake webpage
Randy Easton website
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Percy Charles Drake
c 1900
England - South Africa
4 generations lineage
Lance Drake
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Richard Drake
before 1538>
London, Cheda,
Somerset, UK
Diane di Venedetto
Richard Drake
1610 >
Somerset, UK - VA, SC, NC - USA
4 generations lineage
Mary Chaffin
Richard Drake
Dead URL
d Chedar, Somerset, England
Richard married Christian Fawcett, from Abby Isle, Somerset, England.
Elaine Clow
Dead URL
Robert Drake
6 generations of descendants of ROBERT DRAKE. Robert was a sergemaker. Dow reported that he was from County Devon. Later research, however, has corrected this information. He first settled in Exeter, and he moved to Hampton about 1650 or 1651. He was a selectman of Hampton in 1653 & 1664; jury 1653; grand jury 1662. GDMNH shows the birth order of his children as Nathaniel, Abraham, Susannah. However, Thompson agrees with Dow.
Bonnie Weber
Robert Drake
Robert DRAKE b abt 1825, Shadwell, Middlesex UK and his wife Eliza from Dorset were witnesses at the marriage of my great-grandfather Phillippe William TYLER in 1885 Pancras district, London.
Celia Renshaw
Robert Drake
lived in Cambridgeshire 1800s, My g-g-grandfather was called Alfred Drake born in Soham Cambs, 1843. My g-grandfather was George Drake, born in co.Durham 1872. My grandfather was Robert Drake, born in co.Durham 1896. My father Robert Arthur Drake born in co.Durham 1939.
Paul Drake
Robert Drake
1542 - 1727
Devon - CT, USA
5 generations
text file
Nadean Dawson
Robert Drake
poss Essex,UK
4 generations
Robert Drake
c 1579
England - NH, NJ - USA
12 generations lineage
Joyce Franke
Robert Drake
England - NH, - USA
6 generations lineage
Robin Evert website
Robert Drake
Robert Drake was born in St Clements, Danes, Surry Co., England July 4, 1591. Robert died before 1641 in Northampton, Virginia. He married Joane Gawton in Merstham, Surry Co., England, June 6, 1622.
Ray Montgomery
Staton family website
Robert Drake
Robert Drake of Devonshire, England came to American shores with his children: Nathaniel, b. 1612-13. Francis b. 1615. Susannah b. 1617. Abraham b. 1620-21
The Drakes m.a.d
Robert Drake
Robert Drake b 1580 Devonshire and d Jan 14, 1668 Rockingham - New Hampshire. Son Francis b 1618 d sep 24, 1687 in new jersey married Mary Walker my line.
Large database.
Shirley Murray
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Samuel Drake (Reverend)
In my search for my own ancestors, I have come across a Reverend Samuel Drake, minister in the Parish of Llanllwchairn, in Montgomeryshire, Wales, and he made the following entries in the Bishop's Transcripts for the parish: Large Database.
Lesley_dee Dylan
Samuel Drake
Samuel Drake b: 1692 d: 1780 Springfield, Essex, England m: Sarah Everet 1758. I am looking for descendants and for more information on the Drake family in Springfield Essex. One branch of the family went to India c1830 they remained there until c 1947 when they moved to England.
Helen Hanson
Samuel Drake
'My' Drakes begin with Samuel Drake who married Elizabeth Braddick 16 May 1746, at Aylesbeare, Devon, England. I have the baptisms, at Aylesbeare, of five children for Samuel and Elizabeth - Elizabeth Drake bp 22 Jun 1749, Mary Drake bp 29 Oct 1751, Francis Drake bp 14 Feb 1754, Sarah Drake bp 6 Dec 1762, and Anne Drake bp 14 May 1764.
Judith Winckles
Samuel Drake
b. 1624, England, m. Sept 13, 1650 in Fairfield, CT to Ann Barlow, d. May 16, 1686, Eastchester, NY
11 generation lineage
Samuel Drake
b. 1805 Plymouth Devonshire Eng. emigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1826. His descendants married into the Wood family. A book was published.
Sandra-Lynne Mallett
Samuel Drake
Samuel Drake and Joanna Coombe who were married January 1, 1794, at Parish Nymet Tracey, Devon England. The Drake family came to Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1826 from Devon England.
Large database.
The Drakes m.a.d.
Sarah Drake
Our family documents date back to the 1700's but I can't piece togeter this jigsaw many thanks for any assistance - Sarah Drake who married Thomas Hale on 19th July 1800, and whose father was Joseph Drake
anita vowles
Sarah Drake
Our family documents date back to the 1700's but I can't piece togeter this jigsaw many thanks for any assistance - Sarah Drake who died on oct 23rd 1890 and is interred in cholmely churchyard, highgate, london on 30th oct.
anita vowles
Sarah Drake
I am trying to track down the ancestry of a Sarah Drake, married to a Benjaman Nickalls in Norwhich Cathedral in England. He was born in England and went to Australia as a young man.
Cindy Moleski
Sarah Ann Drake
Sarah Ann Drake married John Manning, July 9, 1856 in Whaplode, Lincolnshire, daughter of ROBERT DRAKE. She was born 1834 in Whaplode, Lincolnshire.
Simon Drake
Simeon Drake > John Drake b. Abt. 1495 in Crowndale, Devonshire, England. Large database - English > USA
Francis E. LaLonde
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Thomas Drake
Born at Churchstanton, Devon, UK 1680 and died at: West Teignmouth, Devon, UK. Descendent chart available.
Roy Andrews
Thomas Drake
I have an extensive list of Drakes in my genealogy.Thomas Drake was born 16 April 1635 in Colyton, Devon, England, and died 23 September 1692 in Weymouth, Ma. He married (1) Jane Holbrook and he married (2) Millicent Ford
Linda McKinley website
Thomas Drake
Gloucestershire - UK
5 generations detailed lineage
Robin Roberts
Thomas Drake
b 1805 Colnbrook, Bucks. Farmer, m(1) Phoebe Appleton (d 1854 Harmondsworth, Middx) + had Issue, 4 sons and 3 daughters. Detailed lineage.
Frank Evans
Thomas John Drake
I am a descendant of Thomas John Drake who arrived at Port Nicholson on 22 Jan 1840 on the NZ Company ship "Aurora". He was a cabin passenger, along with his wife Ceres Selina (nee Walters) and daughter Ceres Selina.
Dawn Chambers
Thomas Oakley Drake
Generation 1 Catherine Henville Oakley m Thomas William Drake in Ealing London.
Generation 2 Arthur Oakley Drake m Esther Turner in June 1891 at Gravesend Kent
Generation 3 Thomas Oakley Drake m Kathleen Maude Devine
Generation 4 Allan Oakley Drake m Margaret Mackintosh
Generation 5 and 6 Patricia Frances Drake had 2 children, Frances Margaret Drake and Steven John Drake.
Steven has been unable to trace his immediate family.
Steven Vinnicombe
Thomas Samuel Drake
b: Abt. 1780
married Ann NICHOLS. Son; Thomas Samuel DRAKE, Jr b: 1808 St Augustine, Norwich, NFK. 4 generation lineage.
Jackie Barnaby
URL missing
Thomas Drake
Thomas DRAKE of the Drakes of Ashe, who emigrated to America in the 1600's. - 9 generations of Drakes, starting with Benjamin DRAKE, b. 1677, Weymouth, Mass.
Terry Madsen
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William Drake
WILLIAM DRAKE 1758? m SARAH DRAKE (nee Dalliday). Suffolk - UK
Paul Drake  
William Drake
William Drake married Susan Burles in 1823 in Chigwell Essex. William's Children were William, Mary Ann Drake , John Drake, Joseph Drake, James Drake, Sarah Drake, Peter Drake.
Kevin Pearce website
William Drake
b. 1750-60. I know 3 things about him only, 1. In 1782/3 he was in the 1st West Yks militia muster
2 he was a weaver
3 in March 1780 his daughter Hannah was baptised in Illingworth (Ovenden) Church nr Halifax
This daughter Hannah married Jonas HARGREAVES , weaver of Oveneden in 1798
Alison Hargreaves-Lyons  
William Drake
born 1739 Braunton, Devon, UK and married in 1775 to Sarah Bussell.
Roy Andrews  
William Drake
Colyton,Devon - UK Maine,Mass - USA
7 generations
text file
Judy Aversa or judyanna2@excite.com
William Drake x 2
Family history is that there were two cousins named William Drake that married to sisters Margaret and Agnes Johnston (Johnson) at Presbyterian church, Hillsboro, Ednaculla co., N. Ireland on December 26, 1821 in a double wedding. 2 x lineages.
Sharon website
William Drake
Detailed lineage of William Drake b: 1793 in Otterton - Higher Pinn - Harpford - Farringdon - Rockbeare, UK. Daughter Elizabeth Drake b: 1824 in Otterton m Channon Searle Harding
Paul W. Harding
William Drake
b: 1811 Broadwoodkelly, Devon married Mary Pinkham b: 1808 m: 21 August 1828 Broadwoodkelly, Devon. Detailed 3 generation lineage of Williams family.
Gail Durbin
William Henry Drake
I am trying to trace the place and year of the death of my Grandfather. He was a William Henry Drake born in 1882 in Hull. He had a father called Benjamin who was born in Norfolk where I think the family originated from. He was married in 1903 to a Kitty Richards and they had two children Kenneth and Kitty living in Hull.
Jackie Evans  
William Henry Drake
Surrey, UK
QLD - Australia
2 generations
Wayne Moloney
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Yorkshire Drakes
1551 - present
Yorkshire, UK .
12 generations - Yorkshire, UK Lineage
Jenny Williams