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Charles Ivor Drake emigrated to Australia
in the early 1920's
From: David Drake

Date: Sunday, January 06, 2002 9:22 PM

Hi Roy, I'm not sure if the following is suitable for inclusion on the Australian part of your website but if its not then no doubt you'll tell me. My Drakes are all English, except for my grandmothers brother (my father was born out of wedlock, so he took his mother's name); Charles Ivor Drake was born in Cardiff, Wales, UK in 1902, although the family soon moved back to Leicester, from where they'd originated.

Charles Ivor (always known as just as Ivor) emigrated to Australia in the early 1920's and was supposedly lost overboard but I doubt this, I believe that it was just a neat way of 'killing off a family scandal'. However I do believe that he left these shores as he shows up on no records since.

Thanks Roy

David Drake Leeds UK.