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Reverend Samuel Drake, minister in the Parish of Llanllwchairn, in Montgomeryshire, Wales
From. Lesley_dee Dylan
Thursday, May 12, 2005 9:16 AM

In my search for my own ancestors, I have come across a Reverend Samuel Drake, minister in the Parish of Llanllwchairn, in Montgomeryshire, Wales, and he made the following entries in the Bishop's Transcripts for the parish:

Llanllwchaiarn Bishop’s Transcripts, 1792 Francis Drake, son of Samuel Drake and Ann, baptised December 2, 1792

Llanllwchaiarn Bishop’s Transcripts, 1791 Marcella Drake, daughter of Samuel Drake and Ann, baptised September 17, 1791

Llanllwchaiarn Bishop’s Transcripts, 1776 Elizabeth Drake, daughter of Samuel Drake and Anna, baptised January 1776

Llanllwchaiarn Bishop’s Transcripts, 1779 Gulielmus Drake, baptised June 8, 1779, son of Samuel Drake and Anne

There do not appear to have been any other Drakes in Llanllwchaiarn, so Reverend Drake would probably have moved to Wales to assume this position. Reverend Drake would have been the minister for many of my ancestors. None of his children seem to have remained in Wales.

Llanllwchaiarn is not well covered in the IGI - most of Wales is not covered well. Also, the IGI made a very incorrect assumption that all children born before 1814 used a patrynomic, so if any of these children are in the IGI, they would have been listed as NN Samuels rather than as NN Drake. Most of Llanllwchaiarn was using surnames long before 1814. They also assumed that all children born in Wales after 1814 used surnames, also a serious fallacy. The last member of my family to use a patrynomic died in the late 1950s. My great grandmother used a patrynomic before her marriage, and she died in 1944. They were both born in Llanllwchaiarn.

I hope this information will be of use to someone.