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The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser Thursday 8 April 1875
REMOVAL OF THE BRIDGMAN POST OFFICE.--We hear, with great surprise, that some parties have applied to the Government for the removal of our Bridgman Post Office from Mr. Atkinson's residence, at Stoney Creek, to the residence of Mr. James Andrews, on the Upper Falbrook. The object of this proceedmg is obviously and easily discerned by us, for if our post office really becomes shifted to the latter place, all chances for the recovery of our rightful road through the much spoken of Brandy Creek Flat, are sent to Limbo, and if we constantly have to use the deviation to reach the post office, we will never get our old original road granted to us. This, we believe, is the point held in constant view hy the agititors of the proposed change, for any other palpable reason is not to be discerned. The present postmaster, Mr. Atkmson, has at all times given entire satisfaction to all who have been in con- nection with him, as well by his courteous and business like manners, as by the prompt ability which he has always exhibited in the execution of his postal duties. And as we could not easily find a man better suited to fill his position, we consider it as a gross injustice to Mr. Atkinson as an individual, as well as to our whole community, if the proposed removal actually takes place, for then we shall see clearly that the wishes and desires of a few wealthy people are more courted than the injured rights of a large number of poor but honest men, who it will be found by their opponents are not so easily to be browbeat as was imagined, We hope that our worthy and energetic member, Mr. W. C. Browne, will look to this matter, and give himself no rest until he has put a final stop to proceedings as grossly incorrect as they are unjust.
April 5th, 1875.